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World Dream Day with Bush Baby World

The Internet loves a celebration day, doesn’t it? And Monday sees it being World Dream Day. World Dream Day is celebrated on the 25th September and it’s a global day of action dedicated to setting dreams into motion. Dreams play a vital part in our life, the inspire us to push the limits, reach goals and make a better life for ourselves, people we know and the world itself. Everyone has a dream, no matter what age they are. Dream Day is a day for everyone to start pursuing that dream and making it a reality.

At the moment LM’s dream is to be some kind of performer, probably at Disney. The funny thing is that was my dream at her age, and I plan on doing everything to help her achieve it. She also wants to have a cat all of her own. Of course she’s too young to start achieving her dreams but I’m all for encouraging her to dream big early.

So, to coincide with Dream Day on Monday, I’m sharing LM’s bedtime routine with her new buddy, her little Bush Baby.

I’m sure you’ve seen the advert on TV if you ever have the kids channels on for Bush Baby World. LM loves it and she was going to ask for a Bush Baby World Sleepy Pod for Christmas, but as luck would have it she has the chance to review one. I’ve mentioned multiple times just how much Little Miss loves anything fluffy, so much so she’ll be getting her first pet in November time. She takes such sweet care of all her “babies” and even sleeps with them all in her arms. A Bush Baby World Sleepy Pod is right up her street,  it’s a great mixture of cute, fluffy and the right size for her to play games with. She loved being able to incorporate “Sweetie” into her bedtime routine.


Busy Baby World Sleepy Pod* RRP £12.99, Smyths Toys

Her little Bush Baby as I mentioned above has earned the name Sweetie, probably due to it’s colouring. LM tends to give things very obvious names (such as a rabbit called Carrots and a mermaid with a moon on her crown Luna). It comes with a sleep pod that you can put her in to sleep and it closes at the front. LM has taken to putting her in the pod on the chest of draws before bed. Priced at £12.99 I think they’re going to be very popular toys this Christmas.

Just a not, LM is 5 years old and in her first year of school. This is a bedtime routine that works for us and it’s not an advice one for getting kids to sleep. She also has sensitive skin so tends to have a bath only a few times a week rather than every night.

Tidy up and put on PJs
We’re very much a family who embraces putting on pjs once we get in the house and it’s just the two of us. When she puts on her pjs, I put on my pjs. Is there anything more satisfying than taking off your bra and putting on your pjs? Sometimes this happens at 6pm for me if LM is having an early night and she’s putting on hers then! At the same time she puts away her toys as it’s not the time to play.

Eat Supper and Wind Down
Once we’re tidied up and her pjs are on we start the winding down process. This consists of either sitting on the sofa with a Disney movie or getting into mummy’s bed with Disney Life. There is no playing, just lots of cuddling and sometimes talking about the day if we haven’t had the chance. She also has some fruit for summer, usually it’s raspberries or strawberries but it can be bananas, little orange or an apple cut into slices. We watched a couple of shows on Disney Junior, or one movies.

Brush Teeth
LM has now lost three teeth! Two at the bottom and one at the top. She also has two more wobbly ones. Although she’s only 5 her big teeth are coming in so brushing is so important to make sure those adult teeth are pearly white and her baby ones are cavity free so the tooth fairy will leave her money. We’ve only recently switched to fluoride toothpaste as in the past we used organic stuff, I think it’s super important those big teeth come in nice and strong.

Now, Story time
I have to be honest here, we don’t do story time as much as we used to.. why? Because LM is learning to read so we read her school books every day. She’s quite advance so they do take a good 20 minutes to get through and because of this she doesn’t really fancy a book at bedtime. However, if she gets a new one we always read it. We have a review post coming up of all the new books we’ve enjoyed over the summer that I can’t wait to share.

Lights Out and Snuggle Down
These days LM is in bed with lights out by 8pm, sometimes a little later on the weekend. She used to go at 7pm but I found she wasn’t sleeping and just messing around in her room. Now she goes at 8pm she goes straight to sleep until I wake her for school. She barely wakes in the night unless she has a bad dream or is unwell. I think after her not sleeping for 18 months as a baby she does pretty well for herself!

At 5, I think we’ve cracked a good bedtime routine that works for just us. LM sleeps well, she sleeps in at the weekend and never moans about going to bed or cheating the system. Little Miss and I are definitely a well oiled machine. Lets hope her bedtime routine allows for some sweet dreams.

What’s your dream?


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