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5 Reasons I Enjoy Little Miss’ Love for My Little Pony*

As you all know, our house is mainly a Disney house, but that’s not to say that LM and I don’t have other interests. LM’s current ones include Miraculous, Pokemon and My Little Pony. All three shows I embrace and we do actually watch them together. Which is why today I’m sharing 5 reasons why I enjoy LM’s love for My Little Pony. Because guys, it’s actually a really good, feel good TV show.

The New Version is Called “Friendship is Magic” Which is a Great Life Lesson
Friendships are a huge importance in life, especially when growing up. These days a lot of school discourage the one best friend idea in favour of being everyone’s friend. Although there are a group of 5 friends in My Little Pony, the fundamentals of the show are based on the importance of friendship and how magical that is. The “friendship” group actually represents important aspects of being a good friend; kindness, loyalty, generosity, laughter and honesty, which together make “magic”. Although your typical 5 year old probably doesn’t look past the surface, as a parent you can really see the messages the show is trying to teach.

It Has An On Going Plot
A must in any kids tv show I watch with LM is an on going plot. I need it to make sense, recall things that have happen and have a constantly moving plot. My Little Pony has this. The characters grow and change, they learn life lessons they recall in later episodes. Everything is linked together including the Equestria Girls plot line and movies. Characters that are introduced pop up in other episodes and their story lines aren’t forgotten (looking at you Once Upon a Time). But the episodes can be stand alone, they have enough structure in 20 minutes to be enjoyed on their own.

It’s Light Entertainment
You know what? Sometimes the world is such a rubbish place it’s nice to curl up with your kid (or on your own) and watch a fun TV show where the bad stuff that happens can be solved by working together and using the power of friendship to set right. The show also has memorable songs each episode, fun voice cameos (Weird Al is a pony called Grilled Cheese in one episode!) LM and I like discussing which pony we’re most like (I’m Twilight & she’s Fluttershy, but her favourite is Pinky Pie). Yes it’s a kids TV show but I can see why it also appeals to adults.

Unicorns & Pegasi, Need I Say More?
The show is a pastel dream, unicorns, pegasai, earth ponies (what a nice name to give those without a magical horn or wings) all living together in a fictional world. What isn’t there to love about it?

The Merch is Super Cute
My Little Pony merchandise is so cute, and surprisingly affordable. LM has a few pony sets at my parents and her eye on a couple more for Christmas. There are also blind bags for £2.99 which are perfect for pocket money. And although there is official merch you can get things that just scream My Little Pony to you without being branded. Unicorns are everywhere and appeal to all ages. They’re very in at the moment (like owls were a few years back) which is great for parents who have a pony crazy kid but want to put together are more subtle room or don’t want Rainbow Dash’s face on every item of clothing.

The merchandise brings me onto LM’s super cute new light set we set up in her room over the weekend. Although her room is Peter Pan themed her star night lights recently packed in so these have become a great replacement. The Festive Lights Unicorn Fairy Lights are really perfect for any My Little Pony fan, especially as they change colour.

Before we put them in her room we set up a little reading nook in the sitting room as the weather hasn’t been that great this weekend. As the lights are battery powered it was so easy to put them up in her pop up tent without worrying about being near to a socket. And although we had them on for quiet a while in the evening they didn’t feel hot to touch which is such a piece of mind when it’s something going into LM’s room.

Festive Lights have also put together a really fun Unicorn name generator that LM and I took a look at. I’m Sparkles Happyhooves, and LM is Marshmallow Fluffybottom. We got to talking what our cutie marks would be, mine would  be a sun with sparkles (sun means happy, right?) and LM would be a pink marshmallow, which she says it great as she loves marshmallows. Take a look and see what you’d be.

My personal favourite is my dad; Pinkerbell McHornface, I think it suits him perfectly.


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