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As a mum, you’ll know that there’s often not enough hours in the day. For most, any gadget that promises time-saving potential is welcomed with open arms.

If you’re getting ready to welcome a new arrival or simply want to streamline how you care for your little ones, here are the must-have time-saving items for new mums:

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine
When your baby needs feeding at 2am, it used to mean spending your precious sleeping time sterilising and making up bottles. What if we told you that Tommee Tippee’s Perfect Prep machine can help you prepare your baby’s formula in just two minutes?

Available to buy from retailers like Smyths Toys, the machine has a built-in filter to remove impurities from water, while the Perfect Prep’s initial hot shot kills the bacteria that may be present in the formula. It works with any powered milk formula, helping to prevent any bottle-making mishaps in the early hours.

Toy Storage Bag
Play time is fun but cleaning up after it is far from it, especially when it involves lots of small parts like LEGO. If you’re tired of wasting time picking up after your little ones have played, it’s time to invest in a toy storage bag.

They’re available in a selection of sizes from sites like Amazon. They work by holding all of your children’s toys in one drawstring bag. When they want to play with them, simply loosen the drawstring and the bag transforms into a play mat, meaning your children can play without scattering their toys across the room. Voila — your tidy time is reduced!

Thermometer Dummy
Nobody likes seeing their baby poorly, so a smart dummy could be the answer to your prayers when it comes to monitoring your child’s temperature.

Dummies are available that have a built in thermometer to take the stress out of measuring your baby’s temperature. Some even have a built-in fever alarm which will sound if your baby’s temperature gets too high.

Mamaroo Infant Seat
When your baby wakes up, getting them back off to sleep may mean a ride in the car or rocking them in your arms. Make those late night drives a thing of the past and get your baby to sleep quickly with the Mamaroo Infant Seat.

With this clever seat, you can choose from five motions including car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and ocean to rock your baby to sleep. Each motion mimics parental movement, so they can get back to sleep easily. The seat is available to buy from Mothercare and other good retailers.

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