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With the colder weather approaching us, it’s time to think about making our interiors as cosy and welcoming as possible. This applies to your campervan too, as whilst many people only think to travel in their camper through the summertime, you actually find that winter trips can be the most amazing. Depending on where you plan to travel to, you can see some incredible views and experience some breath-taking moments when the colder weather is upon us, so it’s always worth planning a trip or two throughout winter. The following tips are to help you create a campervan that is cosy and warm, providing you with the perfect space to enjoy throughout your travels.


Decorate the Space
The space inside your camper is already small and limited, which makes it much easier to transform it into a cosy, homely environment. There are lots of different ways in which you can add a touch of comfort to the your vw t5 interior, and one of those is to decorate it with lots of personal items that you find comforting. Introducing soft items such as additional pillows, cushions and even a soft rug will instantly make the space feel warmer and more comfortable. These features are also ideal for introducing some colour into the interiors and adding your own personal touch to the décor, which also adds a homely touch. You can then add items such as blankets and throws and even a cosy dressing gown and some slippers to add an extra welcoming touch. Once you’ve made the space feel warmer and more inviting, you can look at introducing some more personal touches to make the space familiar and homely. Family photographs or pieces of artwork transform the dull walls that your camper has, into a space filled with happy memories and character. Finally, you could look at adding some other home comforts such as incense to add a familiar aroma to the camper, to really make it feel like home.

Soft Lighting
One of the most popular features within campervans today is mood lighting. Mood lighting is the perfect addition to help you control the atmosphere within your camper and keep the lighting as bright or neutral as you want it to be. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to settle down and watch a film, with only the main bright lights to keep the area lit. Soft lighting is a feature within mood lighting and you can alter your lights to suit the time of day and situation you’re in. If you want to add a really cosy touch to your campervans interiors, then adding candles is a very good choice. Candles are one of the best ways to create a warm and welcoming feel and create a relaxing atmosphere, which will be perfect after a busy day walking and exploring. It is however, very important to be careful when using candles in your camper, as you have limited space and it can be very easy to knock them off the side and onto the floor (not ideal!).

Curtains or Blinds
Many people opt for silver screens for adding privacy to their campers, but to create a cosy feel you want to look at campervan curtains or blinds. These are perfect for giving you a little more privacy, but also making the space feel warm and cosy, blocking the rest of the world out whilst you wind down and relax. It’s down to the style and design of your camper, but there are some really stylish curtains available that will also help to add character to the vehicle.

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