Travel Content // What To Do When Your Flight is Delayed*

It’s every travellers’ worst nightmare… you arrive at the airport only discover that your flight has been delayed

And, with some flights being delayed for several hours, it can be difficult to fill in your time as you await more information about your flight in the terminal.

Flight delays are not uncommon in airports in all corners of the world, and they can be frustrating and infuriating for travellers, especially those who have a connecting flight to catch or an important event to attend when they reach their final destination.

But, rather than driving yourself crazy with worry or rage, there are lots of things you can do in the airport whilst you wait for more news about your delayed flight.

Catch up with your favourite TV shows
Today, the majority of us wouldn’t even consider embarking on our travels without our smart phone or tablet in tow! And with the majority of airports providing free Wi-Fi, if you do find yourself delayed, it’s the perfect time to catch up with your favourite TV shows or even watch a film.

Take advantage of duty free shopping
One way to curb your airline-induced anger is to take advantage of duty free shopping. Airports are littered with all types of shops including plenty of designer outlets and well-known high street stores, providing the perfect environment to get your shopping fix.

Grab a bite to eat
The vast majority of airports also have a great selection of cafes, eateries and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat.  These are also great places to meet new people, who are often in the same predicament as you!

Plan your next trip
Although flying again is probably the last thing on your mind, planning your next trip and looking at all of the amazing destinations you could visit around the world is a great way to lift your mood. So, find a quiet spot, and start having a browse!

Catch up with emails
If you’re travelling for business, flight delays provide the perfect opportunity to catch up with your work emails and calls. You’ll be amazed at how much work you can get through!

And finally, try to remember to keep your cool. Getting frustrated isn’t going to help matters or change the situation!

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