Where in the World? – Thailand*

The world is filled with so many “bucket list” places and none more so than Thailand. It’s the ultimate paradise destination and I know people of all ages who want to or who have visited from elderly couples, to families and of course the young crowds who want to experience those epic moonlight parties where your alcohol comes in a beach bucket. In the past Thailand was the true backpacker destinations. It wasn’t commercialised and it was quite difficult to reach, but as the tourist has grown, visiting Thailand is becoming more doable and more affordable which means more people are able to cross it off their bucket list.

Today I’m sharing 5 places you must see while visiting Thailand. I’ve tried to share something for everyone from beaches, to conservation and of course that of historical interest.

Bangkok, the city where old meets new. You could spend a whole week exploring just the capital as there is so much to offer. From The Grand Palace and the Royal Temple, to the famous Chinatown area. You can take bicycle tours, boat tours or just walking tours to make sure you take it all in. Make sure you keep safe and never go anywhere alone.

Ao Phang Nga Bay National Park
The Ao Phang Nga Bay National Park is made up of many very beautiful islands, surrounded by crystal blue seas and reefs. There is so much to see and do in this area including caves and caverns that can only be accessed at low tide, white sandy beaches and protected wildlife. For the Hollywood set hunters, one of the islands Koh Tapu was used in the James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun. You do need to pay to get into the park but it’s 100% worth it.

Once the heart of the Siam empire, the ancient capital of Sukhothai is now a series of temple ruins that will take your breath away. It’s a large area that you should really spend a whole day exploring as there is a lot to see, however it is compact and sits on flat land making it easy to navigate on bicycle. 

Ko Phi Phi
A collection of islands although only one of which is populated. When you think of Thailand, the Ko Phi Phi islands will be what pop into your heads. White beaches, miles from civilization and can only be reached by boats, these islands are still mainly untouched by the tourism industry and are a favourite of backpackers. However, the second largest of the islands Phi Phi Lei is where the movie The Beach was filmed and during high season every single tourist in the area will be visiting Maya Bay so ensure you go early to see it before the hoards arrive.

Phanom Rung
Another point of historical interest that you really need to see. The ancient Hindu temples dedicated to the God Shiva are built on top of an instinct volcano. Once up there not only are the temples still intact but the view from the top is awe inspiring.

There are so many more fantastic places to explore in Thailand, so many wonderful experiences and tours to take, you could definitely fill a two week trip. If you’re considering Thailand, has a fantastic array of holidays to suit all budgets and interests. It’s time to tick something off your bucket list!


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