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5 Fashionable Pieces Mum’s Need in Their Wardrobe This Autumn*

I remember before I became a mother telling my friend that I’d always continue to wear skirts and dresses, even after I had my daughter. Skirts, dresses with funky tights, cute little cardigans and still accessorising to the max. That lasted about 2 years. Now I’m firmly in the mummy club of oversized tops and leggings along with practical footwear. I rarely wear make up and I certainly don’t accessorise. I’m all about practicality now. I know it’s not the case for every single mother, there are the yummy mummies but I just haven’t the time to be like that! I’m lucky if I wash my hair twice a week these days as I’m just so exhausted doing everything else. My kid is the cute one. Maybe this is why my self confidence has plummeted lately?

ANYWAY, just because I need to be ready fast in the morning, I should be compromising my personal sense of style. Although I’ve embraced being a mummy, there are still really nice bits that are designed for comfort and speed but also look good. Today I’m sharing 5 items every mum needs in their wardrobe this Autumn, in case like me you’re in need of a fashion splurge.

A Pair of Comfy Jeans
Jeans, comfy? Most people would disagree but over the years I’ve discovered I always tend to own one pair of jeans that I wear so often they end up as comfy as my leggings. They’re the perfect piece for going day to night (or evening if like me you’re in your pjs by 8pm) and these day with the rise of “smart/casual” you can wear them in a multitude on ways from dressed up with a pretty top and a pair of high heals, to dressed down with a baggy jumper and trainers. As a parent jeans can be a key piece especially in the Autumn when you can pull them on over your pjs and no one will ever know! This Autumn is a great time to splash out on a new pair of jeans as the weather is cold enough that you can wear them in. If you can’t get away with jeans, why not try jeggings? They’re the perfect middle ground between jeans and leggings but make sure you have a top that’s long enough to cover your bottom, you do get pant lines with them!

A Warm Coat
One of my favourite things to shop for once the weather turns cold is a warm winter coat. It’s something I buy every year as I get so much wear due to walking everywhere. I love shopping around for a winter coat and this year ESPRIT have a gorgeous range especially the one you can see here.  I’m a sucker for a wool coat, I’d say for the past 5 years that’s the material I’ve gone with as it’s just so warm and although most come without a hood like this one I’m someone who enjoys carrying an umbrella. What I like most about this coat is the length, it covers my bottom and most of my legs without being so long it makes me look shorter than I am. it also comes in some gorgeous colours, I particularly love the bright blue and emerald green, they remind me of something Blair Waldorf would wear and I’m definitely here for that. The coat is also slightly fitted without looking too uncomfortable, I’m personally a big fan of that as a lot of coats can look like you’re wearing a sack!

Waterproof Boots
The foot path I take to get LM to school goes right through a field and because of this, waterproof boots are a must. Autumn is a notoriously rainy month and you need to be sure to keep your feet dry to avoid colds. I tend to go between a pair of slip on Chelsea boots and lace up boots, one pair in black so they go with everything and one pair tan because I personally love tan footwear. Wellington boots always seem like a smart idea for the wet weather but your feet will end up freezing even if they stay dry. It’s better to pay more for a boot that’s warmer but also waterproof.

The Chunky Knit Sweater
Is there anything more Autumn than a chunky knit? Be it a hat, scarf or my personal favourite, the sweater. Chunky knits can keep you warm and hide everything, they come in amazing colours and they’re perfect to pull on over your jeans or leggings. Although they’re incredibly comfy they always look almost smart when worn during the winter. You can even team them with a little floaty dress you have left over from the summer. The chunky knit sweater is a staple to have in your wardrobes during the colder months, they suit all body shapes and can come in all different lengths. Two of my favourites in my wardrobe are actually cropped and I wear them over leggings with a long shirt underneath. Layering during the cold weather is such a stylish and easy way to dress and it’s definitely my go to.

All The Cold Weather Accessories
Is it just me or does everyone else always misplace their winter accessories during the warmer months? I’ve seen myself loose whole carrier bags of various hats and scarves, and lets not forget the 5 million odd gloves you have lying around (they’re like socks, aren’t they?) Before the weather gets too cold it’s time to invest in a new set. Although I love the fair isle ranges that pop up every year I tend to go for one bold colour that will go with all my various coats and sweaters and if I have to replace the gloves it’s an easy colour to do this with!

As a mother it’s so easy to put your kid first. To fill their wardrobe with pretty things (believe me, I know!) but don’t forget to treat yourself too and the change in season is a great time to do this!



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