5 Things to Do If Your Flight is Delayed*

Last year I had the unfortunate experience of my flight being severely delayed and then cancelled. Thankfully I was travelling on my own and it was before the final train back to my home town so I was able to hop on that and then have my dad collect me from the station at 11pm. Had it even been an hour or so later I wouldn’t have made it home and it would have been a completely different story. I was flying EasyJet and they offered me a free flight (which I used in April) or compensation.

The delay was due to a crew member being sick and the hunt to replace them. Unfortunately none of the stand by staff were able to get there in time and therefore our flight was cancelled. It was an evening flight and I have to be honest I’ve been reluctant to book one since. There are many reasons why I flight could be cancelled or delayed, not just short staff. Sometimes there are strikes not just in this country but in the country you’re going to, weather also plays a huge part too taking it completely out of any ones hands.

Here are 5 things you can do if your flight is being delayed;

Grab a Coffee and Relax
One of the worst things you can do is start pacing in front of the departure screen. Yes, having a flight delayed is frustrating but there is no point in letting your knickers get twisted, you’ll go when you go. I’ve seen parents getting angry and taking it out on their kids because their flights are delayed. Airports can be scary for children and an angry parent just makes things worse. I’ve had a couple of delays flying to Orlando (nothing more than an hour) and entertaining yourself while keeping an eye on the departure screen is the best thing you can do.

Speak to the Airline and Don’t Loose Your Cool
Pretty much every airline has a desk at the airport where you can talk to them directly about your delays. Join the queue and get as much information as you can. Please remember that sometimes the ground staff know as much as you do so don’t loose your cool. There is nothing worse than being THAT person shouting at the people on the desk with all your fellow passengers around then having to sit besie them on the flight.

Keep Track of Your Transfers
If it’s looking like your delayed flight is going to affect your transfers, make sure you read up on what you can do about this. If possible email or call the companies that they’re arranged through. If you have a package usually this will be sorted for you but if you have used an outside company you need to ensure you keep them updated. A lot of them will track your flight and will still be waiting on you when you arrive but it’s best to double check this is the case.

Have a Plan
Now your flight is facing lengthy delays and possible cancellation have a plan in place. Some companies offer to book you onto a later flight if they’re not full but if you have day wait for an additional flight you may need to look into getting a nearby hotel, especially if you have family members who wouldn’t be happy crashing in the airport. If you decide not to fly like I did ensure you cancel everything that goes along with your trip such as transfers, hotels etc at the first available moment.

Know Your Rights
If your flights is delayed extensively or cancelled make sure you know your rights when it comes to compensation and rebooking. If you have travel insurance look at what it covers as some do not cover flight cancellations that result in whole trip cancellation. This is a great article that explains your rights as a passenger in the EU and it’s worth remembering.

If like me you’ve had flight issues, you can claim compensation for your delayed easyJet flight which will help you move on and rebook your next trip!



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