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Christmas 2017 – Gift Guide for Kids*

Today I’m sharing my last gift guide for 2017, my gift guide for kids. It’ a bumper edition as I’ve divided the gifts up by ages, baby, young kids and older kids with a few ideas in each. I worked super hard on my gift guides this year and each thing I’ve picked I’ve personally approved and sourced to give you the best on the net. I really hope these can inspire some last minute shoppers! Some of these gift ideas are even things LM would love or is already getting for Christmas, I approve of them that much!

Anyway, first up we have a few ideas for babies.

Tiny Love Take Along Project Suzy – £24.99*
Buying for a baby can be difficult, no doubt they’ll have just receive a load when they arrived or maybe they have some hand me downs from siblings or other family members. But something often forgotten at first as the baby is usually in with their parents is a projector or cot mobile. This one by Tiny Love is so cute with a sea life theme and 30 minutes of sweet sounding lullabies that project on the ceiling. It rotates 360 degrees meaning it can project in any surface. It’s a great price too. You can check out the full  Kiddies Kingdom’s cot mobiles collection on their website.

Nibbling Teething Toy Gingerbread Man – £12.99*
A seasonal teething toy is such a great gift. It’s cute and it’s useful, something every mother prays people will by their kid. Nibbling is a new brand but they’re going places. Their teething toys are the ultimate luxury item made with 100% food grade silicone safe and soft enough to chew.

Born Gifted Crochet Camera Rattle – £9.99*
Maybe I’m just a photography junkie but I wish someone had bought LM this super cool camera rattle when she was a baby. Created by Pebble it’s fair trade made in Bangladesh but still exceeds government regulations making it totally safe for a precious baby. I love the colours and because it’s hand crafted every one is unique.

Our Little Star Teddy Bear in Fudge – £16.99*
If you’re looking for something more traditional, why not a personalised bear? Gift Pup is the home to loads of personalised gifts for all ages. The Our Little Star Teddy Bear is so soft, a perfect keepsake for babies first Christmas.

Onto gifts for young children;

Ultrakidz Johntoy Toy Cooking Set – £5.99*
One thing I’m so glad I did while LM was really young was encourage imagination play. She has an amazing imagination now and is able to constantly amuse herself. This is why anything that promotes imagination play is a great gift, just like this Deluxe Cooking Set from Amazon. I love the traditional look to it and it’s a great price.

Ultrakidz Johntoy Kitchen Set, Pan with Play Food – £6.99*
Continuing on from my previous point. Play food was always (and actually still is) a favourite for LM. There are so many possibilities from cafes, picnics, shops and even tea parties. Play food is a gift that never goes wrong and you can never have too much of it.

Original BUFF in Hello Kitty – £14.25*
The original BUFF is a tubular accessory that is designed to keep you warm in the cold and cool when it’s hot, perfect for a ski trip. The is a fab range of kids designs including this Hello Kitty one that will encourage your little one to wrap up in the cold. It also makes a great and useful gift, which as I mentioned above, is every parent’s dream.

You Choose in Space by Nick Sharratt & Pippa Goodheart -£10.99*
In my opinion, the best gift you can get a child of any age is a good book. LM is a big reader, she’s always loved books by since last Christmas she can now read on her own so she’s even more interested. One of her favourite books at the moment is You Choose in Space. It’s bright, colourful and there are so many endings that she never gets bored.

Oddell Grey Vigore Hat – £24.00*
Coming from a mother, you can never go wrong with winter accessories as a gift for kids at Christmas. They lose them all the time. Last year at school LM lost 3 pairs of gloves and a scarf. Where do they go? Getting a good warm hat for a kid at Christmas will be appreciated by all.

Hallmark Minnie and Mickey Itty Bittys – £6.00*
Disney Itty Bittys are finally in the UK! I first discovered Itty Bittys as I walked past the Hallmark stall in the Florida Mall in April 2015. They’re the cuter American version of Tsum Tsums and they’ve taken almost 3 years to arrive on our shores. They make the perfect stocking filler for kids and not only can you get these festive Mickey & Minnie ones, you can get princesses, pixar characters and even Star Wars characters.

Finally, gifts for older children;

JD Bug Scooter – £44.95*
Outdoor toys have always been popular for kids, even at Christmas. If you kid already has a bike, why not invest in a scooter. Scooters are so popular for kids to ride to school and most places have storage for them while your kid is in class. LM loves her JD Bug, it’s stylish and perfect to ride all the way to and from school. It also folds making it easy to take into the car. The simple colours are perfect for older kids, rather than the character ones you can pick up from Argos.

If scooters aren’t your kids thing, why not instead buy a bike? For decades bikes have been a great Christmas gift and if you are looking for one within a certain price range why not try a bike discount website?

Unicorn String Lights – £17.99*
Unicorns are 100% the new owls. So many kids are into unicorn inspired toys and bedrooms which is why these colouring changing unicorn string lights are a perfect. LM loves hers and we use them for her reading den. They’re battery operated meaning you don’t even need to be beside a mains to use them.

My Golden Ticket Personalised Book – £19.99*
Hands down this is one of the best gifts I’ve got LM this Christmas and I cannot wait for her to open it. I mentioned above how great a book is as a gift, but a personalised book is even better. LM was studying Roald Dahl in school before half term so she knows all about him and his stories (she even dressed as Veruca Salt on Roald Dahl Day) but this book is just extra special as it’s her own adventure. I even cried when I had a flick through it! There will be a full review coming soon but I cannot recommend it enough!

And that’s my last full gift guide. I hope I’ve given you some unusual and useful gifts for women, men, children and beauty lovers. Please let me know if my gift guides inspire you to shop!

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