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Christmas 2017 – Gift Guide for Men*

Here we go, my second gift guide this week. A gift guide for men. I have a confession, I hate shopping for men.. and even though I’m down to one man to shop for (well a man and boy), it’s still hard. My dad has EVERYTHING, and why shouldn’t he in his late 50s with a house paid off? But it just makes it so hard for me to find something he doesn’t have. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who finds men so hard to buy for, so fingers crossed this gift guide helps!

I couldn’t fit the whole gift guide into one shot as a lot of the items are pretty big so I’ve spread it across two photos as well as close ups of each item to give you a good look at what’s available.

Hofmeister Beer – RRP £19.99 for 12 Bottles or £39.99 for 24 Bottles*
As I mentioned in my Gift Guide for Women, alcohol is a great gift over the Christmas period as it can come in useful for celebrating the season. Hofmeister recently won best lager at The World Beer Awards following their rebrand last year. The new Hofmeister brand which was axed in 2003 is back and is now a 5% ABV Helles lager. You can purchase through Amazon in either a 12 bottle or 24 bottle case. Perfect gift for a beer loving man in your life (a bit like my dad).

Barbour Cable Knit Beanie Hat – RRP £35*
Because Christmas is in the winter, knitwear is a great gift. Although wooly jumpers and chunky knit cardigans might not be your guys thing, a winter hat always comes in useful. This signiture Barbour cable knit beanie is perfect as it carries the name of a great brand and it’ll keep your Misters head warm during the colder months.

Zippo Hip Flask – RRP £16.75*
A gift I bought an ex once that went down really well was his own hip flask. Not only do they look a lot more sophisticated than whipping out a plastic bottle of extra alcohol but they’re a classic gift for men. If you pick up a plain one you can also have it engraved to make it that extra bit special.

Sheaffer Star Wars Yoda Roller Ball Pen – RRP £16*
With Star Wars The Last Jedi coming out just before Christmas I was obviously going to include something Star Wars and that something is a Sheaffer Star Wars roller ball pen with Jedi Master Yoda on it. A pen is a timeless Christmas gift perfect for a man of all age and useful but with the added Star Wars theme it is perfect for the Jedi in your life.

Compass Cufflinks – RRP £19.99*
A really traditional gift for the man in your life is a pair of cufflinks. Those days seem to be in the past but a guy still needs a nice pair, just in case. You can get personalised ones, plain ones but being the quirky person I am these working compass cufflinks caught my eye. I think they’re so different and I love the fact they actually work. They come in a little gift box making them a really nice gift.

Tough Max Torch – RRP £19.99*
Looking for a practical and affordable gift? Why not pick up a Tough Max torch? It’s a durable, tough but tiny torch that you can adjust the light from a spotlight to a floodlight meaning you’ll have enough light no matter what the occasion. It’s a great gift for the man who has everything.

Jack Russell Billfold Wallet – RRP £160*
Like the cufflinks, a wallet is a very traditional Christmas gift for a guy. It’s always my fall back item for my dad as his wallets only last a few years (that’s what I got him for Father’s Day). If you want to splash the cash on something really special Jack Russell have a gorgeous selection of wallets in all different styles so there should be one to place even the fussiest of guy.

Jack Russell 24 Hour Bag in Nylon – RRP £390*
Like on my Beauty Gift Guide, I do have one more expensive idea for those looking for something extra special for their man. Jack Russell don’t just have beautiful wallets, they have bags, both day and over night. I love this 24 hour bag as it’s stylish, professional and it could be used for a romantic weekend away. Jack Russell is eponymous with quality so you get what you pay for.

Grump Gift Set – RRP £12.99*
Did you really think there wouldn’t be any Disney in this gift guide? Grumpy is definitely one Disney character a lot of old and young men identify with (as much as we want our other half to be Disney prince-esq) which is what makes this gift set such a good gift idea. It comes with a pair of socks and a good size mug, perfect for builders style tea.

If you do have a man in your life who has every thing, I really hope these gift ideas help you with your Christmas shopping this year.

Check back for my next three gift guides coming up this week.

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