Creating a Family Friendly Dining Area*

Dining together as a family is so important to me. It’s something we did as a family while I was growing up, 5pm on the dot we all sat around the breakfast bar and had dinner. Although this is a tradition I’m taking with me from my own childhood, the food has vastly improved from when we were pretty impoverished, I certainly don’t miss condensed soup pasta and tinned peas! Even my parents kitchen has improved and we have a big family table that can sit up to 8 people (you know, just in case my sister and I give up our eternal spinsterhood). However my little dining area is in desperate need of some love. My table is second hand and wobbles like no ones business, I have four mismatched chairs and a table cloth made from a curtain. I honestly wish I was joking.

I have recently started a mission to loose weight in an attempt to get to a happier self before my 30th birthday in March. This means a lot more cooking from scratch and more sit down meals and no take aways what so ever! I want to sit at our table and eat with LM, I want to have somewhere so when my sister comes to dinner on a Friday (she’s loosing weight too so we cook for each other once a week) we don’t have to balance the food on our laps. And that’s why it’s a mission to create a family friendly dining area, here is my wishlist;

Creating a Family Friendly Dining Area



Our dining area is at the end of our kitchen so the colours would really need to match. It’s mainly wooden, silver, turquoise and white so that’s what colours I’ve gone with, and although they’re not particularly warming it does pull my whole kitchen area together.
For starters we’d need a new dining room and Fishpools do have the best range. I particularly love this set from the round table range. I have such a small area that although I’d want four chairs (in case we ever have guests) it needs to be compact which is exactly what this is. I love the colours they work well with my fitted kitchen too. As i’d be investing in a good quality table I’d want a wipeable table cloth, not just for meal times but also because I have a 5 year old who likes to bake a do arts and crafts. I’m a sucker for 50s style gingham (my current one is red gingham made from a curtain out of my parent’s kitchen). It’s great that you can buy ones for round tables as well as square and rectangle so I won’t even need to cut it. On the occassions I’m not using the table cloth, pretty new place mats are a must! The duck egg ones will be a nice contrast to the bright turquoise of my electrical appliances in the kitchen. If I’m having a new table I obviously need new crockery. I’ve had mine four years now and I’m manage to be missing a load of plates and a couple of my bowls are chipped. For some reason I love square crockery so that’s what I’ll be keeping an eye out for. They’d sit well on my square place mats. Another thing I really need to replace is my cutlery, like socks I seem to have an odd set. My sister has glittered handled set and I’ve always been envious of them, it’s so time I got myself some. Finally, so LM knows this is where she eats too, I have found the cutest meal times rules plaque from Not on the High Street. I reminds me of the rules in the 50s Prime Time Cafe in Walt Disney World (read our review here).
Which one of your rooms is in need of a spruce up?




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