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EMP Wishlist, November 2017*

Before Disney became “cool” I struggled for years trying to find cute Disney clothes and accessories, longing for Hot Topic to post to the UK and smashing my credit card in store everytime I went to the States. Then all of a sudden Disney was a main stream thing, something perfectly acceptable for adults to like and you could find it everywhere. Primark caught on quickly and although I did like a lot of the bits, I’m a stickler for being a little different. Then about 2 years ago, I discovered EMP, and that was a game changer.

EMP is like a European Hot Topic and in case you aren’t aware of Hot Topic, it’s a store that sells Disney, Harry Potter and a lot of other pop culture and music merchandise. It sells a lot of the same items for similar prices, but without the hefty customs and shipping (believe me, I’ve felt that sting and won’t be doing it again). Items I’d lusted over on the Hot Topic website suddenly became available to me and I was one happy nugget.

I usually avoid treating myself but the other week, when I was feeling miserable on my new diet and suffering from the Disney Blues (they’re a real thing) I ordered myself three new dresses, which has now opened a flood gate. I’ve since ordered another dress (the one featured in the wishlist below) along with some Christmas gifts. Since I’m working so hard on my diet (3lbs off this week) I’m hoping I’ll feel cute enough to wear my new dresses in Walt Disney World next May.

Because I’m really in love with EMP at the moment, I’ve put together a wish list of what else I’d love from the store. Hopefully there’ll be some good discounts over Black Friday weekend, fingers crossed!

EMP Wish List



As mentioned above I’ve already ordered The Nightmare Before Christmas dress, it was £16.99 and with a further 15% off came in at £14.44. Great for an item I’ve been lusting over since last Halloween! As usual there is a lot of Disney with a little Harry Potter and Wonder Woman thrown in, because I’m a little obsessed with that movie (and Chris Pine). I really want a Sally Funko Pop as she just reminds me of LM, and I want a Luna one because she’s my favourite Harry Potter character, but we’ll see what Christmas brings.

If you want to know more about EMP, there is a great video on YouTube, you should check it out;

What’s your favourite online store?


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