Fashion // What Colour Shirts Do Women Prefer on a Man?*

When we think of people getting ready for a date, we usually automatically think about the woman.. what she’s wearing, how long she’s going to take, how she’s doing her. But often a guy can take just as long to pick out an outfit. After doing a bit of research I’m sharing this piece on what the colour of a man’s shirt could be saying about his personality, red could signify he’s romantic, black that he’s in control. We have teamed up with Charles Tyrwhitt, experts in gentlemen’s fashion and retailers of men’s formal shirts, to investigate further and find out which colours women prefer on men.

Firstly, Some Things to Think About
When you’re looking to buy a shirt, consider the following;

– Men look great in colours that match or compliment their eyes.
– Avoid wearing dark colours if you’re fair, these can make you look even paler.
– Dark haired men suit brighter colours.

Next, Choosing the Right Colour
When choosing a shirt to wear on a date, especially a first date there are some colours perceived more positively by the opposite sex. Consider purchasing one of the following coloured shirts on your next shopping trip if you’re looking to dress to impress;

You see red, you think romance. Right? Red is always associated with Valentines Day, love, passion, a ladies man.. Although red could mean you’re interested, it could also be completely over powering on a first date. However research has shown that red can actually boost the wearers confidence, and you may just need that extra boost. A red shirt can also indicated good health and being financially stable, it’s without a doubt a shirt for those who feel comfortable in their own skin.


Black is without a doubt the millenials favourite colour to wear. Originally only worn for mourning these days it’s a fashion favourite. Now it inspires confidence and self assurance. Women have also stated that black make the wearer appear sexy and intelligent, the perfect look for a first day. Be careful not to go completely overboard and dress all in black, mix the look up with some denim jeans and smart shoes.

The final popular colour for men to wear in regards to women is white. Apparently this is the least arrogant colour and gives off the impression that this man is optimistic, always a good quality to have. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style and I have to admit the white shirt and jeans would probably be my favourite look.


Finally, Ones to Avoid
Unsurprisingly, pink wasn’t a popular colour (like what is salmon?!) along with orange and brown which were perceived as quite boring colours. I’m not sure there are many people they suit either.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice what you wear when you head out on a date, but next time it might be worth bearing in mind what colours are most likely to catch a ladies eye.

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