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What is better: to keep your existing tenants or find new ones? It depends on the situation, but you should target both, and not just focus on one of them. That being said, it cannot be denied that keeping an existing tenant is less work and less stressful but what if your tenant isn’t the ideal one? So at some point, you do have to find new tenants. And once you do, you’ll want the good ones to stay so that your income stream is maintained.

But the problem is that you have no idea how to rent out your house, attract quality tenants and then make them stay. Finding the ideal tenant may not be that easy, but nonetheless not impossible as well. Follow our tips for advice.


Advertise Your Property
What do most of the tenants want? Highlight all these as features in the ads for your rental property and describe all the main perks of your apartment and the area as well such as nearby parks, shopping centres and recreational facilities.

Pay special attention to the photos you upload; they should be of extremely high resolution, and capture your property in the right amount of light so that all distinguishing features stand out well. Use the correct tools and sources to list your properties.

Furnish Your Apartment
Do you provide furnished, semi furnished or unfurnished apartments to you tenants? Obviously, the first one is the most preferable though many landlords don’t really pay attention to this. Even when the space has some furniture or equipment, it is often in a sorrowful state and that pulls tenants away, not attract them.

Equip your rental property with some basicfurniture and equipment. Renters usually move from one unit to another quickly, and most of them don’t like to invest in these things. So if you are providing furnished apartment or at least a semi furnished one, they would be more attracted. Yes, the purchase costs might be a concern, but companies like do offer equipment and appliances on rent at reasonable rates. When yourproperty is occupied, you can rent products from them, and if it’s vacant, you can return the products.

Beautify the Place
Your property should be appealing and spotless when potential tenants come over for an inspection. Those of them who do want to stay for long term wouldn’t choose a shabby, ugly and rundown unit that requires a lot of repairs. So refresh your property and give it a new look: fix the repairs, coat the walls with new colours, adorn the curb with small potted plants. Well decorated units with flowerful and colourful shrubs look quite impressive. Think maintenance is a concern? No really, because companies like can completely manage both your indoor and outdoor plants, and even help you with the setup.

Congratulations, you’ve found your tenant, but that doesn’t mean it ends here. You want to retain them too, right? So address their concerns, and make sure that their experience is positive.

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