Winter Essentials with Simply Be*

Is it just me or did the weather take a rather cold turn at the weekend? I don’t think I’m physically or emotionally prepared, and I don’t think my wardrobe is either. I stepped out to do the school run this morning and for the first time this winter I felt my leggings didn’t cut it and my legs were chilly all the way to school. The time of thick jumpers and tights under trousers has finally arrived.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe this year and you’re size 12-32, then look no further than Simply Be. I’ve currently got a wishlist as long as my arm and I wanted to share a few bits I’ve picked out. They always have the best offers and their clothes is not only great quality (my mum has been wearing the same winter coat from there for the last 4 years) but at a great price too. Be sure to check out their Black Friday sale at the end of the month.

But if you need some inspiration, here is what’s on my winter essentials wishlist.

Winter Essentials with Simply Be



Winter essentials isn’t necessarily just your coats, hats, scarves and gloves, it’s everything you need in your wardrobe for winter. Although  really nice warm coat does help (I love this green one, perfect length, colour and style for me) and Simply Be have an amazing range which you can see here.

You’ll need a thick fuzzy jumper that you can layer over all your dresses and tops. It’s so easy to turn a floral dress into something suitable for winter with a jumper or cardigan, some tights and a pair of cute ankle boots. I’m all about the Chelsea boot this year as they’re great for day and for evening in case you’re caught off guard for an after work drink. As I mentioned above, my regular leggings aren’t cutting it so it’s time to invest in some fleece lined ones and Simply Be have some of the best quality for a low price pairs in a few different colours.

Then you need something warm to pop one once you get home and that bra is whipped off. I love buying new pjs in the winter, there is just something comforting about them.

And finally you need that works night out dress. Although winter sees the coldest months you also have the Christmas season full of parties and celebration. You have nights out, Christmas and New Year to think about so it’s always great to treat yourself to some suitable for a party. I love a drop waist, it takes me straight back to the 20s and it’s a great style for my body shape. I’d totally team it with this gorgeous blue bag covered in stars, it’s Christmas but understated enough I could use it the rest of the year.

If you haven’t checked out Simply Be this winter, I 100% recommend that you do. I’m off to buy that cute star covered beret now, possibly my favourite hat ever. What a steal.

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