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12 Days of Christmas – Christmas Eve Box

As I mentioned in my Christmas Traditions I Love post, one of my favourite traditions is the Christmas Eve box. I started this tradition for Little Miss when she was a baby having seen other parents doing it and it being all over Pinterest. We always had to wear old pjs on Christmas eve then get new ones for Christmas which made no sense. This way LM is all clean and in new pjs for when Santa comes. It’s also a really nice way to kick off Christmas. There are also things in the box that will keep her busy on Christmas eve while mummy cleans (anyone else clean like crazy for Christmas? No one even comes to my house except my parents and they only stay in the sitting room haha).

Anyway, today I’m sharing what’s in Little Miss’ Christmas Eve this year. It’s been a couple of years since I last shared (and I can’t believe she still wears those pink pjs!) and although the contents haven’t changed that much it’s nice to have an updated post about this tradition.

The box itself is from Ponden Mill and cost under a fiver. It’s the perfect size for everything I want to put in it. In the past I just used a gift box and added a note from Santa Claus but this year the box is clearly from Santa and although it’s not picture, I also got her a card through Royal Mail’s Santa service.

The main item in her Christmas Eve box is of course her Christmas pyjamas which are Minnie Mouse and Figaro ones from The Disney Store. I normally avoid buying Christmas themed pjs as it feels funny when she wears them throughout the year however this year I knew LM would love the fact Figaro is on them given she’s really into Disney cats at the moment (I go into that more here) and aside from the colours, they’re not very festive and Minnie isn’t wearing a Christmas outfit.

She also gets some chocolate coins. Because what’s Christmas without chocolate?

My personal favourite thing in the Christmas Eve box is some sort of baking kit. For the past 3 years we’ve baked cookies to leave out for Santa on Christmas eve and for the past 2 years the box has magically appeared in the Christmas eve box. Although on the whole I don’t enjoy baking with LM as you kind of have to accept that things won’t be perfect and when I bake I like it to be perfect, on Christmas eve it’s special and we do so with Christmas movie on so we can dance too. She also gets a little bag of reindeer food so they don’t feel left out.

Something new this year is a Christmas DVD. We need to find ways to keep the kids calm on Christmas Eve at my parents house so my inspired idea was a DVD afternoon. So far we have Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and Elf as my nephew hasn’t seen them and I’m popping Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas into her Christmas Eve box as it’s one of her favourites to watch on Sky Disney. It was also only £3.99 from The Disney Store, what a bargain!

Also from the Disney Store I got this adorable Fiagro Tsum Tsum to match her pjs. She doesn’t really collect Tsum Tsums anymore but it’s a Christmas tradition to get one in her Christmas eve box. I can’t believe this is the 3rd Christmas Tsum Tsum’s have been about!

Finally, she gets a Christmas story to read before bed. This will be the first year she’ll be able to read with me. She’s a huge Fairytale Hairdresser fan and has most of the stories. They’re a great take on fairytales which is probably what appeals to LM. I was so happy when I found out there was one about Santa Claus. I can’t wait to read it with her on Christmas eve.

Do you do the Christmas Eve box tradition with your child?


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