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12 Days of Christmas – My 5 Favourite Christmas Movies

One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is to watch festive movies. I don’t keep them out all year around so it means LM pretty much binge watches them all between the end of November and the start of January to get her fill before the go up into the loft for the rest of the year. I also try and pick up some new ones every year so I am slowly building up a collection. In the past LM was more into the Christmas specials of Disney Jr shows such as Mickey Mouse Club House, Handy Manny and Sofia, however this year she’s really enjoyed watching some of my favourite movies which has made for some lovely cozy nights under blankets with the tree lights on and the gingerbread candles burning. It makes Christmas feel even more like a time to spend with your family.

Today as part of my 12 Days of Christmas I’m sharing my 5 favourite Christmas movies. So in no particular order;

Santa Claus The Movie
Growing up this was one of the movies I watched every year. We had it on a VHS that my mum had used to tape it off the TV when I must have only been a couple of years old. It’s so magical. This year we caught it on TV the weekend we helped put my parents tree up and both my sister and I ended up crying at it. The whole story of Santa’s origins is explained perfectly and really answered any questions LM had about how it all works. It’s a lovely story too and even though it’s pretty old, it’s held up well and LM really enjoyed watching it with me. Then I found it for £1.89 in a charity shop the following week so we can now watch it every year.

The Muppets Christmas Carol
This has got to be one of the most iconic Christmas movies. When I was a kid we watched it every year as we put up my parents tree because my dad is a big Muppets fan. It’s so quotable and we all know the words. In my house we watch Belle’s Enchanted Christmas while we put up the tree instead but I still manage a couple of watches of this one, usually on my own as LM isn’t a huge fan yet, but I think it’s more because the humour that makes it amazing currently goes right over her head. It was the first Christmas DVD I bought when I moved out and I’ve held onto it ever since.

The Grinch
Up until this year I’d only watched The Grinch maybe once or twice, the first time during my Gossip Girl obsession so a while after it first came out. I didn’t consider it amazing or memorable. That was until this year when it’s become LM’s most watched Christmas movie. Watching it with her has totally changed how I feel about it and it’s now one of my favourites. LM is a bit Dr Seuss mad at the moment and the fact she identifies with Cindy Lou Who really melts my heart. It’s a really festive movie that leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside, a bit like The Grinch’s cheek. I love the message of the movie too, it’s something i’m trying hard to teach LM about the season.

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas
If there is one Christmas movie guaranteed to make me cry, it’s this one. It’s made up of three stories all of which are heart warming and filled with Disney magic. This is one of LM’s personal favourites and she often asks to watch it on my parent’s Sky planner and then she’ll watch it again at home. Her personal favourite is the Max & Goofy story. I’ve picked her up Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas for her Christmas Eve box as she likes it too, but I personally prefer the hand drawn animation in this over the computer animation in the sequel. As far as Disney Christmas offerings this is my favourite.

Final movie I’m sharing today as part of my top 5 is Elf. As far as more “adult” Christmas movies go, this one is my favourite and I shared it with LM this year for the very first time. I have to admit I’m not a huge Will Ferrell fan but Elf is endearing and it’s a must watch for me every year, plus my girl crush Zooey Deschanel is in it. LM really enjoyed the bit at the end where they were all singing and since she’s watched it a few times she now has “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” perfected. It’s adult without being too adult and that’s why it’s such an iconic Christmas movie.

Some notable mentions are Miracle on 34th Street, the remake with Mara Wilson, Belle’s Enchanted Christmas especially since As Long as There’s Christmas is one of my favourite Christmas songs, and The Holiday (sorry but it’s better than Love Actually!)

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?



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