12 Days of Christmas – Pre-Christmas Pampering*

In the run up to Christmas everyone is so busy. If you have kids you’ll have had a list of activities home come home from school. If you don’t you may have staff parties, nights out with friends, and then you may even just go out to celebrate the holiday season. This is why pre-Christmas pampering is such a thing. I don’t even go out and I still like to pamper myself in the run up to Christmas, which is why today I’m sharing a few ways I do just that;

Hair Care
I haven’t had my hair dyed since the middle of October. As you may know, I dye my hair red but in an effort not to completely destroy my hair as I did last year by bleaching it, I try to do it as little as possible these days. This is why, dying my hair is top of my pre-Christmas pampering list. My mum has offered to do it the Saturday before Christmas.

The night before I dye it I’ll use a moisturising hair mask to prepare it, and I’ve been trying out the 72 Hair Daily Intense Moisture Shampoo & Condition. My hair has become so dry and straw like since I bleached it, especially when it’s been a while since my last dye but I’ve been using the 72 Hair intense moisture duo for the last couple of weeks and i’ve noticed a huge difference. I want to review them properly in a few weeks time after I’ve tried them on freshly dyed hair but so far I’m pretty impressed. They smell great too.

Winter is a particularly hard time on skin. The cold weather dries it out and if you’re wearing more make up as usual for all your engagements your pores could end up clogged. This is why whacking on a new face mask a few times a week can really benefit your skin. I have the worst kind of combination skin with dry cheeks, greasy spot prone chin and temples and clogged nose and forehead. Wearing make up more than normal is it’s worst nightmare and I end up with a few cystic break outs on my chin. 7th Heaven sent me a basket full of goodies that will not only benefit my skin but my hands, feet and hair too. I’ll be party ready in no time.

7th Heaven also have some great tips to help you beat that dreaded winter skin;

From blustering winds to central heating hands can take the brunt and become chapped, dry and sore. Make sure you give your hands a treat and protect them by keeping them hydrated and use a hand mask regularly – 7th Heaven Moisturising Gloves are the perfect pampering treat. 

It can be tempting to grab a hot drink however, make sure your skin stays hydrated by drinking plenty of water daily. 

Use a face mask weekly – ideally one packed with skin loving vitamins and minerals that can replenish those lost due to the colder weather. 

During winter It’s important to not only hydrate your skin but to not forget about your hair. – Use a deep conditioning treatment weekly to prevent dry, split ends and frizz. – Pop on the 7th Heaven Argan Oil Rescue Hair Masque for 5 minutes for an intense deep hydrating treat. 

Keep dry skin at bay by exfoliating skin twice a week. Want a slightly gentler exfoliation, try using a Peel Off face mask. As you peel the mask away from the face it removes dead skin cells and impurities.  – 7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel Off Face Mask combines hydrating seaweed with the peel away action to hydrate skin and remove dead skin cells. 

If you want to take it that step further this festive season, why not treat yourself to some facial aesthetics at Dore Aesthetic? You can get fuller lips or get rid of some lines that you feel self concious about as a Christmas treat to yourself.

Book a Spa Experience
Yes you can pamper yourself at home with hot baths, candles and some sparkly, but lets face it, Christmas is the time for over indulgent so why not go all out and book a spa experience? This way you can not only look good and feel good, but it’ll be one less thing to stress over if you are paying people to pamper you. Champney’s offers a Mother & Daughter experience which is great if you’re struggling with a present idea for your mother (or daughter) so not only do feel completely relaxed and ready for the busy festive season, but it ticks another gift idea off your list in the process. Two birds, one stone, right? I can’t wait until LM’s old enough that I can hint at this sort of thing when she’s shopping for me!

How do you pamper yourself for Christmas?

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