5 Ways to Get Your Home to Feel Warm This Christmas*

The last few weeks have been so cold, so cold to the point that even with the heating on in the house I still need a blanket while sat on the sofa. I’m mid terrace so it shouldn’t be that cold, but with the weather dipping below the zero point, we all know winter is well and truly here. Aside form whacking the heating up to full, there are a few other things to do that will help you feel warmer at home this Winter.

I popped out to B&M (as I’m now and ambassador, how exciting) and picked up a few Christmassy bits that will help create a warm and cosy atmosphere over the next month.

And of course this leads to my first point;

Put Up Your Decorations
Yes, get that Christmas tree and decorations up. There is nothing cosier than those warm lights sparkling from a decorated tree. Maybe it’s because the room is cluttered and therefore feels smaller but there us something about the Christmas decorations that makes the room feel warmer. We put our decorations up on the 25th November, one whole month before the big day. Why? It’s so much work for it to only be up for a short period. Little Miss helps too and we watch Disney movies and eat take away as we do it.

Bring Some Warm Colours into Your Room
I know, I know, everyone wants white everything but it can often leave the room feeling cold. White furniture, wood floors, white walls, it can make the room feel very open and bare which is all good in the height of the summer especially since the UK doesn’t have air con, but it’s not so fun in the winter. Why not add a little hint of colour with a blind from Direct Blinds? A dark coloured blind is proven to keep the heat in the room when they’re closed so not only does it make your room feel warmer but it’ll bring the cost of your bills down.

Put Flannel Sheets on the Beds
Christmas bedding > than regular bedding. This is a fact. Not only is it fun to bring the festive decorating upstairs, but most of the time the duvet covers are made of brushed cotton or flannel. Both these fabrics are perfect for making your bed extra cosy on those cold nights. If you’re still cold make sure you have an assortment of blankets you can throw on. I finally have a Christmassy sherpa blanket which is perfect to throw on the sofa and take up to bed.

Have a Warm Drink at Night
The curtains and blinds are drawn, the tree lights are on and you’ve picked out your favourite Christmas movies (a post coming later on in the week). Now curl up on the sofa, under one of those blankets with something warming to drink. I picked up these matching Christmas mason jars for £1 each from B&M Stores and they’re perfect for a nightly hot chocolate with Little Miss. I make the hot chocolate up in a pan and then cool it down with milk so she can drink it. I love matching with her and thankfully she’s still happy to match me.

Light the Candles
Finally, my absolute favourite way to make a room feel warmer not just at Christmas but all through the winter, is to light candles. Christmassy scents such as spiced apple, cinnamon and gingerbread are naturally warming and the flickering of the flame adds to the atmosphere. As this is an open flame be careful and ensure you don’t leave it unattended.

If you’re still looking for Christmas decorations or gifts, be sure to pop into your local B&M, they have everything you need to make your sitting room cosy this Winter.


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