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Being self employed is a tough battle. Between trying to find work and waiting to be paid for said work can be a very uncertain time. Thankfully, when I worry I’m going to be in a tight spot, I’ve discovered a few ways I can make some money online to tide me over. Some I’m good at and some I’m not so good at, and some of them are just for fun but if you need some way to make some money without a loan or credit card, you can give these a try.

Not really online but an app and my new favourite on. It accepts books, CDs, DVDs and games. You scan the bar code, it gives you a price and then you send them off. I know there are a fair few of these sort of things out there but I’ve found Ziffit has the best price guarentee, they pay into your paypal account or into your bank direct and they seem to take a lot more variety in books and CDs that have been rejected else where. I think I’ve made nearly £100 over the fast few months!

Playing Online Bingo
You’re lucky and have a little money to spare, why not have a shot at playing online bingo? There are so many great sites online that allow this, they’re safe to use and you can have fun while you’re at it. I had a lot of fun in the winter playing some, my favourite was it had a great collection of different games along with slots and casinos.

Matched Betting
A bit trickier to get the hang of but apparently an amazing way to make tax free money. I’ve been doing my research and as of Monday when I’m up to date with work I will be knuckling down and giving this a go. I want to make sure our trip to Walt Disney World is the best trip ever and that means making more than I’m currently earning. Thankfully there are some amazing help guides online like this one that can get you started.

People Per Hour
Have a specialist skill set? Create a profile on People Per Hour and apply from side jobs you can do from home. I pick up jobs editing photos, pieces of text and simple coding from there which I can do in an evening and be paid fast. There are all sorts of different jobs you can pick on the site, it’s worth signing up to and getting set up if you find yourself between jobs.

Being self employed is hard but hopefully through a combination of different means you can make sure you financial keep afload even in this trying time. And hopefully some of the points will allow you to have fun with it too!

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