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I have to admit, the travel aspect of my blog is my absolute favourite. I love writing about adventures I’ve had, both alone and with LM. Although I don’t adventure half as much as I’d like, and these days all the Disney aspects of our adventures are on Livvy Bird Adventures, it’s still an important part of this blog. Be it day dreaming about places I want to visit, plans for days out or simply a travel related wish list, I’m never going to stop talking about travelling. I guess once LM is older I am hoping to visit more n0n-Disney places and once again it’ll be a main feature on Cocktails in Teacups.

Anyway, for the time being, I can make sure I’m fully prepared by collecting all those travel blogger essentials. Travel blogging is probably one of the most expensive niches to be in, not only do you have the cost of travelling (and lets face it, it’s getting more expensive by the year) but you have you kit. Which is what I’m talking about today. Of course, like everything you can do it on a budget, but if you want to make it into a lively hood you need to be prepared to invest.

These are some of the things that I feel are important to a travel blogger;

A Good Quality Suitcase
Since becoming an adult I have been through so many suitcases and I can assure you when you’re travelling there is nothing worse than a broking wheel, in fact I damaged my hip dragging a broking case in January and it’s never fully recovered. This year however I’ve invested in a couple of good quality cases that are perfect for travelling with and I know my stuff will be safe when they’re in the aeroplane hold. You should probably have a variety of sizes for trips such as a big one for long trips, and a smaller one for short, such as a Tumi briefcase Canada. It’s worth paying extra to know you have good quality.

A Light Weight Camera
Yes, a DSLR looks great and can take amazing photos, but trust me, a good quality light weight camera is a much better investment if you plan on being at travel blogger. I love my DSLR but I do want to trade it in for a mirror less camera that I can still change lenses on and more importantly has a view finder on. Apparently the Olympus Pen is good. Get one that is also wifi enabled so you’ll be able to upload your photos to the internet on the go.

A Pair Comfortable Shoes
The best place to see somewhere you’re visiting is by walking. I have got LM well trained for when our time comes. One time when I went to Washington DC I walked mines in a pair of flight gladiator sandals and I swear my feet have never been the same. They were so blistered and swollen. That was 4 summers ago. Look into taking something comfortable with you and walk as much as possible. This way you’ll see all the places off the beaten track that will give your blog posts the edge as they’ll be something different rather than the main tourist attractions.

A Notebook & Pen
Taking notes is important in any niche as a blogger. In my 5 years I have filled countless ones with notes about events, products, restaurants and of course trips. You want to be able to remember everything when you go to write up a post, right? Notebooks are invaluable when you’re travelling anyway. It’s always good to have your times and confirmations all written down in one place for journeys and check ins.

A Portable Battery Charger
Finally, a portable battery charger. This is my favourite bit of advice to give anyone going on holiday. In the age of social media you’re going to want to share snaps and talk about your adventures, it’s natural and it’s now part of human nature. I’m obsessed with Instagram and post on Instagram stories whenever I’m doing something, this drains my battery. I’d be lost without my portable battery charge. Make sure you get a decent quality one though that at least gives you a couple of charges.

Now you’re ready go out and share your adventures with the world!

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  • Reply Stuart Forster

    Comfy shoes are an essential part of travelling. I tend to carry a heavy SLR camera while I’m travelling but see the benefit of having a lightweight piece of kit.

    December 6, 2017 at 11:51 am
  • Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog. I appreciate all comments & will check out any links to blogs. It's my readers that often make my day! - Amy x