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The world is an increasingly stressful, worrying place. Whatever your political affiliations it’s rare for a news cycle to go past without reason for concern. One of the most important ways to maintain your equilibrium is to ensure you have a few luxuries in your life to help you relax.

There’s no one magic bullet solution to help you relax: wherever you decide to work a little bit more luxury into your life it has to be specific and individual to you. Think about things you enjoy in your life to begin with. These are the things you can optimise, work on and turn into the rituals that help you relax and bring a bit of stability and order to your life.

Shaving is one such ritual. People who shave every day are a little more productive and alert: it’s one of the routines, like showering and drinking coffee, that send signal to your brain that the day has begun and it’s time to work. It’s also a mundane and commonplace part of life. Modern cartridge razors can leave the skin irritated, and a bad shave, conducted in a morning daze, can leave you feeling somehow less groomed than before.


Putting together a traditional shaving kit is a great way to turn the dull routine of the morning shave into a luxurious treat that leaves you feeling, as well as looking, sharper. Using a doubled edged safety razor is far more of a skill than using modern cartridge razors or electric shavers, so every time you start the day you’re also cultivating a new ability.

A good stiff shaving brush is another essential part of the kit. Badger hair brushes are the best suited to shaving. Slathering on your lathered up shaving soap or foam with a good brush not only helps to protect your face from shaving rash and cuts, it also lifts up and separates the bristles on your face for a closer, smoother shave.

Turning your shaving routine into a moment of luxury and skill, is just one of the ways you can counterbalance some of the anxiety endemic in modern life, and start your day with a restored equilibrium. It might not work for you, but taking a similar approach to another part of everyday life that you value could have tremendous results.

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