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Cosplay Plans for Little Miss 2018*

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A new year means a whole 12 months of letting Little Miss explore her imaginative time by dressing up and acting out. There is no denying my kid is incredibly creative and dreams of being on the stage, and letting her fully embrace cosplay in the past couple of years has been a great start and helped give her confidence. We probably won’t be hitting Disney as often this year but with a few trips to Disneyland Paris planned, a trip to Walt Disney World paid for and a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim on the cards, there are still plenty of opportunities for her to play in the parks.

Last year we pushed more boundaries than ever as she enjoyed finally having the chance to be a true Disney Princess. Vivi of Magical Things made her an Ariel park dress and a Belle gown, complete with hoop skirt and I invested in a couple of starter wigs. This opened a whole new world (forgive the Disney pun) for her and we’re already planning taking this to the next level.

Belle Yellow Ballgown 30/04/17



So who are we thinking of for 2018?

Tinker Bell from The Secret of the Wings
It’s only taken us over 3 years for LM to have a Tinker Bell costume, as she’s usually Wendy (and has about 4 Wendy dresses) but this year she’s embracing that sassy side and she’s doing it in style. Another dress, boots and coat by Vivi with some light up Tink wings from the Disney Store and she’s ready to go. She’ll be wearing Tink this weekend for our Christmas trip to Disneyland Paris and I cannot wait to see how great she looks! In Walt Disney World she’ll not be wearing the coat but her gorgeous embroidered dress will be perfect for the summer weather. Look out on Livvy Bird Adventures for a full post about this costume in the next few weeks.

One of the first dresses LM ever asked me for was Rapunzel however of it’s intricate nature she’s never had one yet. HOWEVER for our WDW trip Lottie of Little Guntank will be creating her Rapunzel dress of dreams. I won’t lie, I’m SOOO excited for this and so is LM. Of course we can’t have a Rapunzel dress without Rapunzel like hair. I figured a full wig would be incredibly heavy for a 5 year old so I’ve been looking at half wigs given that LM is naturally blonde and this way it would just add extra hair that I could braid then cover with flowers. Divatress is a fantastic brand that a few adult cosplayers I knew use, the hair is so realistic looking and comfortable to wear, perfect for Little Miss.

Flapper Lottie
When we go to WDW one of our favourite things to do is co-ordinate costumes with her little friends, we’re really struggling to come up with new outfits that don’t cost the earth and since her two friends already have Tiana & Naveen in their Friendship Festival outfits, I thought it would be great for LM to have a flapper style Charlotte La Bouff dress to wear. It’ll be nice and cool too as we’re there in May/June this time.

Dorothy Gale
Yes, I’m already thinking about World Book Day in March but that’s because I find it so stressful when the school gives me 5 days notice to pull a costume out the bag. For her Christmas party LM got some red sparkly shoes which are perfect for Dorothy Gale and she’s so obsessed with them at the moment. She has a Wizard of Oz book in our to read pile as well so I’m hoping she’ll like it as much as I do. I’m also hoping to take her to see Wicked this year so it would be a fun dress to wear for that.

Luna Lovegood
This is the year I’m getting LM into Harry Potter and my bestie Bee who runs Closet Geek is going to have a go at making her Ravenclaw robes for when we do the Studio Tour in February. LM is just like Luna, she’s kind, smart and a little bit strange and without a doubt she’d be in Ravenclaw, she’s so school focused. I cannot wait to finally share JK Rowling’s magical world with her, i’ve been waiting years for this!

I’m sure we’ll add more to the mix, but that’s it for the time being! I’ll be sure to share as she wears them!

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