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January is the worst month, for so many reasons, but for me it’s the fact I feel practically bankrupt especially since I have a certain little someone with a birthday right at the end of the month (planned that one well didn’t I?) I feel like January is a month when the rug is pulled from under me. Being self employed I have my tax and national insurance to pay, it’s so cold meaning heating and electricity bills high and as I always suffer from serious January anxiety so I comfort eat. The year feels like a big black hole, as a pessimist this terrifies me so to add the worry of not making enough to be financially stable and I’m pretty much a basket case.

I don’t want to give up all the lovely comforts I worked hard, I want to go out for lunch, or have that Costa coffee. I want to be able to treat Little Miss here and there so she doesn’t drown with me. But without a doubt, I have to pull my belt in and there really is nothing else to it.

However, over the last few years I’ve come up with a few ways to continue living that Champagne lifestyle during those times you can barely afford lemonade.


Have a Clear Out
I know I preach this in every single money saving post, but it’s my favourite way to stay afloat when money is tight. So many households in the UK make unnecessary purchases when they’re flush with cash, but then never look at them again. This month I had a massive clear out and divided it between selling on eBay, Facebook groups and websites like Ziffit & Music Magpie. I’ve made nearly as much money selling stuff as I have through work (anyone else having a dry January?) Old baby toys, clothes LM has grown out of, books and DVDs I’ll never use again.

Look for Deals
Don’t give up your favourite things, find ways to make it cheaper. My mum for example recently packed away her coffee maker as she couldn’t afford the pods to go with it. If she’d have a look on the Internet she could have found somewhere to get cheap Tassimo pods. The are so many similar high market things you can get for cheaper if you just look around. The same goes with finding voucher codes online by using a website like dealsqueen, or doing couponing. You could also look to see if there are free things online anywhere. There is no shame in it if it means you can continue to live your high standard of living without breaking the bank.

Shop the Sales
If you need to make purchases in January, like if you child has a birthday, try and shop during the January sales. You can honestly save a fortune! I got this castle for Little Miss for her birthday for £25! It’s already back up to almost £50 so I know I got a bargain. I think most of her birthday presents were bought in the sale, she won’t know the difference and will get things I couldn’t have afford at this time point in the year otherwise.

No body likes to feel the pinch and give up luxuries they love. But if you’re savvy enough, that doesn’t have to be the case. Just hold your heard high and do a little research.

How do you save money when times are tight?

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