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One of the reasons why I hate January so much, is the idea of the unknown. A whole 12 months that right now is just blank and that scares me. My mother always says it’s a year of possibilities but for me it’s just a year of worries. I’d love if there was a way to know roughly how the year is going to turn out. And although there is no accurate way to do this (aside from time travelling) a lot of people, my sister included, turn to Palmistry for some comfort. I have to admit, I’m too much of a cynic to take it seriously, but when I was asked to review a palm reading app, I thought i’d give it a go, especially with the way I was feeling about starting another new year when I’d just got comfortable in the old!

You can find the app in the store on your smart phone and as it’s free it’s simple and quick to download. When you first open it you’ll see two options; Palm Reading & Daily Horoscope. Just so we’re on the same page, I’m heading into the Palm Reading first.

The instructions are pretty straight forward. You enter your name, birthday and gender before getting the option of the reading type; free, Classic or Premium. I’m going for the free as I mentioned above I’m usually quite sceptical. The app asks you to photograph your hand, and gives you some tips to get it right the first time. I didn’t realise it was on a timer though so it took me a few times to get it right. Then your wait for your results to load. With the free package you get your head and life line, with a little bit of information of everything else.

It was quite accurate for me, which creeps me out to some extent, especially with fitness and health, offering me the advice of “you may have to make some changes to your lifestyle to remain on top of your game” and just last night as I got out of the bath I knew I had to lose some weight. I gained a lot since my break up last year and I’m getting to the point of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin that is beyond my usual body dysmorphia. It also called me out on managing my expectations with “you have experienced enough in your life to know where your strengths lie and some of the naivety of youth has been gradually erased.” This is so true on both levels, my 20s started off so easy and carefree but I fought a long hard battle with domestic abuse, court cases, mental health and being a single parent. I barely recommend that 19 year old girl from 10 years ago. These two points alone caught my attention and encouraged me to read on through the rest of my reading.. then I got to love…

Are you ready for love, Amy? Hopefully so because some big changes to your relationship status are on the horizon. The path of true love may not always run smooth, so be prepared to fight for what you want.”

Yes, 19 year old Amy would have paid for the extended service in a heart beat, but this old cynic was done haha.

I then went on to check my daily horoscope, as I do find them a lot of fun. I’m a Pisces and a typical one at that so they’re often so much more accurate for me than the palmistry side of things, I think this is a lovely little additional feature to the app and I’m sure I’ll find myself popping on to read my daily horoscope from time to time.

If palmistry is you thing, I definitely recommend you download it and give it try. It was much better than I expected and although I won’t be rushing off to get my palm read by a person any time soon, I really enjoyed branching out with this app.

Hopefully you want to give it a try too, so here is what you need to know;





Have you ever had your palm read? How accurate was the outcome?

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