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Did you know that January is the time of year that most holidays are booked? I can’t say I’m guilty of that as I prefer Black Friday, but my parents always book their summer get away in January, and the real reason isn’t that all the travel agents seem to be offering all their best deals for packages. The weather is cold and everyone is coming down from their Christmas buzz, it’s time to get something else to look forward to.

On this cold and wet Monday I’m currently dreaming of Hawaii. It’s somewhere that lives near the top of my travel wish list and not just because Little Miss and I love Lilo and Stitch! Due to this being my idea of paradise, I often find myself pulling up price lists for vacation house rentals in Hawaii as when I’m cold the idea of lying on a sandy beach drinking from a coconut appeals more than anything.

So today I’m sharing five reasons why I’m so desperate to visit Hawaii, and you’ll be surprise that only one of the reasons is Disney related!

Yes of course, this is one of the biggest pull for us, but it’s not the only one.

In case you’re not a Disney head, Aulani is a Disney resort located outside the theme park areas. It’s the third of it’s kind and apparently it’s one of the most magical. Unlike the theme parks, it’s part hotel, and part Disney Vacation club, it’s a resort so there are no rides and instead of being your hosts, Minnie and Mickey are fellow guests. Other characters spotted there regularly are Lilo & Stitch (obviously, given that the movie is set there) and more recently, Moana. You don’t have to be a guest to visit but it is preferred, especially if you want to enjoy the benefits such as the world class spa, restaurants and entertainment on offer. It looks amazing! And should I ever marry rich, I’ll be asking for the Disney Vacation Club as my wedding gift so we can stay in one of the amazing grand villas!


If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I quite often make it clear that I’m not a beach holiday kind of person. So I always need to go somewhere that has more than that. Thankfully Hawaii is one of those places that is a fantastic mix of the two. But the glorious beaches are one of the reasons why I’m drawn to this beautiful area of the world. From Waikiki famous for it’s amazing surfing opportunities to Lanikai and it’s crystal clear waters, there would be somewhere different to explore every day. There is even a beach that only allows 25 visitors at one time, Kauna ‘oa Beach on The Big Island, so make sure you get there before 9am to ensure you have a spot!


Volcanoes National Park
Not sure how kid friendly this would be, but the Volcanoes National Park has always been a dream of mine. I remember being about 12 and studying volcanoes in Geography and specifically looking at Hawaii since it’s such a hot bed for volcanic activity and I wanted to go so badly.. then a kid in my class DID go on a family holiday there and his photos looked insane! There is so much constant activity in Hawaii it would be rude not to include it as a reason to go, I know it doesn’t appeal to everyone but for me it’s a big draw, probably as big as Aulani, and that’s saying something! I’d definitely be booking myself onto a tour to ensure I saw everything.

The People & Culture
Hawaii is one of the rare places in the world that adore the tourists. Why? Because tourism is the biggest industry on the islands, pretty much everyone knows someone in their family who has a job connected to the trade. Not only that but the people of Hawaii embrace the “Aloha Spirit” which is a way of living, an important part of it is treating people with love and respect. This makes them the most welcoming of hosts. Imagine visiting a country where they’re happy to have to sitting on the beaches and eating their food, it must be a really fantastic atmosphere and one I’d really love to experience first hand.


The Food
I’m 100% a self proclaimed foodie and one of the first things I think about when I’m planning a trip anywhere is the kind of food i’m going to be eating. I honestly love trying food from different culture and the food people eat (and cocktails they drink) while on holiday in Hawaii quite frankly look amazing. Yes, there is a lot of pineapple, given that’s one of Hawaii’s main crops and no I don’t like it on my pizza, but I really do love the fresh stuff (and I actually craved it while pregnant with Little Miss!) But they have a lot of outdoor eating which is one of my favourites to do while on holiday somewhere hot.

If i’m honest, Hawaii has always been my dream honeymoon destination, ever since I was a little girl. It seemed like an adult holiday rather than my usual dreams of Disney. Right now it doesn’t feel like I’ll ever reach honeymoon stage, so I guess I better start saving so Little Miss and I can embark on this big adventure together.

Have you ever been to Hawaii?


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