5 Other People to Celebrate on Valentines Day*

Yesterday, I popped up a post with some ideas of ways to treat yourself this V Day, if you’re single and today I thought i’d expand on that by sharing 5 other people you could celebrate on Valentines Day. Although it’s driven home that Valentines Day is a special day in the year for couples to express their love for one another, but to me, if you’re in the right relationship, that’s every day. Instead, I try to view Valentines as a day to celebrate other people you love.

Parks and Recs have raised the profile of Galentines Day which falls on the 13th February and it’s about celebrating your girl friends, but what about everyone else in your life you feel deserves a little bit of love, who don’t fall into that category?

Your Children
Lets face it, children don’t need a special day to receive gifts.. but if you look at it in terms of love, they give it to you unconditionally every day of the year. Every year I always get LM a little something on V Day, and although she’s usually thinking about Peter Pan, I know she appreciates the surprise in the middle of Feb for no reason other than the fact I love and appreciate her.

Your Grandparents
I’ve skipped parents as they do get their own day and Mothers Day falls next month. But what about if you’re lucky enough to still have grandparents about? I definitely think they’re worthy of extra love all year around, but if you turned up at your grandparents with a card and a box of chocolate they’re probably going to be the most thankful of all.

Your Friends
Yeah, there is Galentines Day, but not everyone knows the pop culture reference about that.. and what about if you have guy friends? Having a girly sleep over, or a mate date is a great way to spend Valentines Day. After all your singletons are in it together!

Your Pets
Like with your children, you pets offer you unconditional love all year around and no doubt if you’re on your own you’ll be sat snuggled up with your cat or dog on V Day night. So why not pick up their favourite bag of treats just to show them how much you care.

Your Therapist
You have to have a sense of humour right? I laughed so hard at Kristen Bell’s love letter to her therapist and having been someone with a therapist, it’s all too true. And although you’re probably crossing some lines by buying your shrink flowers and chocolates,  it is tempting, right?

The Independent Pharmacy have put together a great infographic on romance and sex this Valentines day, and it’s definitely worth a read! Who knew Juliet still received love letters every year? So weird!

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