Birthday Wishlist 2018 (The Big Three-OH)

As with tradition (since I’m still single) I’m sharing my birthday wishlist on February 14th, exactly 4 weeks before the big day. This year it really is a big day as I’m turning 30. If I’m honest, I’m dreading it. I don’t feel like i’m where I wanted to be for a 30 year old. It feels grown up and yet I’m not grown up in so many aspects of my life. I’m single, I rent my house, I can’t drive, I spend all my money on Disney, I’m not sucessful but I have a job that means I can raise my daughter the way I want to, I have no social life, tons of mental health problems and self esteem issues. The list goes on.

My birthday is already proving to be a disaster. The one thing I wanted to do (go for dinner at The Tree House) can’t happen as the main road is closed, I’m spending the bulk of my birthday day alone as LM is at school and everyone is at work. My dad is moaning that Mothers Day is the weekend before my birthday and we can’t celebrate both.. and I don’t want my mum or sister missing out because of me. At the end of the day, I get that it’s just a number and a birthday is another day, but all my peers are turning 30 too and they’re all being spoilt by partners, or having a party or holiday and I guess I just feel no one gives a crap that I’m turning 30. I tried to bring it up with my dad and saying that for both mum and his 40th birthday and 50th we all made a huge fuss, and his response “they’re a once in a life time thing” I’m not sure what he considers my 30th then..

It’s not all doom and gloom, my wonderful friend Mellie is coming to the UK from the US and she’s paid for us to stay in the Sequoia Lodge at Disneyland Paris for 2 nights 2 weeks before. I honestly feel so thankful for her as I’m fairly sure without this trip the day would just go unnoticed.

Oh well.

Here’s my usual disclaimer, I probably won’t get anything on this dream wishlist for my birthday. I don’t have a partner or rich relations or a kid who gets more than £1 pocket money a week yet but there is just something about putting together that dream wishlist when it’s coming up to your birthday!

Birthday Wishlist 2018



So clothes. Something I very very rarely buy for myself as I spend 90% of my time lazing around in the same pairs of leggings and oversized sweaters every day of the week. It’s comfortable and no one looks at me. Sad I know. However due to an advert on Facebook I have fallen in love with this Marks & Spencers dress. It looks like the most perfect style for me, no clingy and even has a pussy bow! I’ve also seen a couple of dresses I love on the River Island website. Of course long sleeves and black are only appropriate for wearing here in the UK, so I’ve also added a tee I’d love to get for WDW from Teepublic, it has Broke Disney Girl Club on the front which couldn’t be more accurate for me if I tried. I am always broke, and I’m always broke because I go to Disney.

Along with clothes, I don’t really buy myself some pretty accessories, I don’t wear jewellery or do my hair.. so I’d love to be gifted a beautiful new headband from Crown & Glory, I love the blue star studded turban headband and I’ve had my eye on it for a while, I just haven’t been able to give myself that extra push to buy it. QVC UK also has most of their Danielle Nicole x Disney bags heavily reduced, I adore the Jasmine one but the Lucifer one gives me life. Finally, Couture Kingdom have released some of their jewellery to the Disney Store and I have my eye on this Have Courage and Be Kind bangle, I’d prefer it in rose gold but the silver is pretty too.

Now for beauty. Lush, is always top of my list for birthdays. I haven’t bought any in years because I just can’t afford it but I can’t help but love it. I’d love a few bubble bars and bath bombs to change up my bath from Radox muscle soak! There are so many beauty bits I need that I haven’t replaced so a Feel Unique gift card would be an amazing gift so I can put towards some new CC cream for Florida. Got to product that skin and make it look even if I’m going to let people take photos!

I’m really into Phillip Pullman at the moment so i’d love to give his Sally Lockhart series a go starting with the first two books; Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North. Books are always a great gift for me because again it’s not something I splash out on these days and tend to re-read what I already have!

Anyone just love the art work of the Animators series at The Disney Store? I know I do! I’d really love this travel mug as it would be great to put my morning coffee in for the school run.

Finally, the holy grail in birthday presents.. this Peter Pan, Wendy and Tink Disney Tradition. I never get the more expensive traditions as my mum has a £20 limit on gifts from LM and this almost doubles it. It really is my dream piece but at £47 minimum it won’t ever happen. How gorgeous is it though?

A birthday is just another day, but a big birthday should be something celebrated.. I for one have no idea how I made it this far. Never mind, there is always my 40th!



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    Reading this makes me smile to know I get what you like! I had that tee on my list (and the matching pin) of things to get, plus of course Lush

    February 14, 2018 at 10:51 pm
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