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    3 Amazing Places to Eat at in London*

    So you’re taking a trip to London. For many people a trip to London is as special as a trip abroad, especially those of us who live no where near the Capital and visit maybe once a year or less. I never went to London until I was 15, and then it was another 6 years until I visited again. It was an absolute treat back then. Even now and then we don’t get down more than once or twice a year, for a weekend anyway, we visit more if you include airport trips. But still, London is that magical city break in the UK and I’d still pick a few days there over anywhere else in this country because I still haven’t seen everything.


    One of my favourite things to do is to plan where i’m going to eat. The town I live in has so few options that going to a city where there is multiple restaurants and eateries on every corner is a traveller who loves to plan’s dream! I love nothing more than searching for restaurants in London and today I thought I’d share 5 of my favourite finds. Whether you’re planning a romantic trip, big christmas parties for work or taking your children for the first time, London has something for everyone.

    The One With a View
    Like most cities, the best way to see it is from above. Duck & Waffle has been at the top of my restaurant wish list for a while. Not only does it have an unusual name, but it offers food 24 hours a day meaning you can almost pick which time of day you want to see London. The menu is classy and most of the tables are set for two, making it the perfect venue for a romantic evening.

    The One for all the Family
    If you’re unfamiliar with London, finding a restaurant that will feel like a special treat for the adults but also caters to kids can seem like a mine field, especially if you’re simply looking through Google maps. I recently discovered Masala Zone, in particular the location in Covent Garden. Masala Zone is a small chain of authentic Indian restaurants in London, but what caught my eye is the presentation of the kids meals, and the cost, £6! LM loves being adventurous with food but there also some familiar kids favourites available.

    The One for Themed Afternoon Tea
    A couple of years back I went to London to meet my best friend for afternoon tea with a difference. It was a Disney inspired afternoon tea, Beauty and the Beast theme to be exact. It’s no longer offered so I’ve been doing a bit of research into where else we can go for themed afternoon tea and I’ve come up with the Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea at the Sanderson Hotel. Sign me up because this looks like so much fun! It’s a little pricey but over the years i’ve come to expect to pay prices like that for anything themed, and thankfully I’ve always found they’re worth it, especially for a celebration!

    There are so many places to eat in London that it isn’t difficult to find something to suit everyone. I try my best to eat somewhere different on each visit and I’m never disappointed when it comes to looking for somewhere that appeals to both LM and I, and falls in our budget!

    Where is your favourite place to eat in London?


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