#73 Benefit ‘Fake Up’ Event in Newcastle

This weekend, despite being ill, the most exciting thing happened to me, I was invited to my first ever blogger event and the best part of it all? It was for one of my favourite cosmetics companies, Benefit!  I’ve mentioned several times about how much I love They’re Real mascara but I also use The Porefessional & until now Erase Paste on a regular basis. The fact that this event was also being held in near by Newcastle basically made it a dream come true. My mum agreed instantly to look after Little Miss for me so I could go (she feels I don’t socialise enough close to home).

The event was held last night at Fenwick Department Store in Newcastle (hello one of my favourite stores ever) between 6pm – 8pm. I caught the train down just after four and had arranged to meet the lovely Alice of Tea and Lead at the station. I’m pleased to say that once again meeting a blogger has payed off, she is wonderful and we have arranged to meet again. This blogging business is proving to be really great in regards to meeting people! We made our way up to Fenwicks and had a wander around some shops before the event started.

On arriving at the event we were greeted by the lovely Benebabes Claire & Joanne along with some managers and Benefit counter girls from our region. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, I don’t know about everyone else but I felt like all my nervous instantly vanished. We were offered some bubbly and told to take a seat to wait for everyone else to arrive. It was a larger group than I expected, 22 in total but all the other blogger girls were so nice. I even managed to meet Charissa of Charissa Rae, I’ve been following her blog for a wee while so it was so nice to meet her in person.We were given some time to get to know each other before we were gathered around for a demonstration and to hear about the product in question.

There were prizes to be won, the new gorgeous World Famous Neutrals Kits (I admit I was super jealous as I’m completely in lust of the Sexiest Nudes set), followed my some amazing facts that had me desperate to try the product for myself. I mean what mum in her right mind wouldn’t want a concealer that hides dark circles and moisturises?! We had the demonstration before each of us were individually colour matched. No prizes if you can guess what shade I was.. yep that’s right No.1 Light. They also come in No.2 Medium and No.3 Deep. As guests to this event we were lucky enough to come away with all three FULL SIZE shades. I will be reviewing my light shade next week after i’ve had a few more wears but after last night and today I am so impressed. 
Being colour matched by the lovely Claire. Photo credit to Alice
After we’d all been colour matched, eaten some amazing canapes and drank more bubbly than I should probably of had we had another chance to win some amazing prizes. This time it was a bottle of Hello Flawless matched to the winners skin tone. This time I was lucky enough to win. I’m so grateful as i’ve been lusting over this foundation for a while but was worried if I bought it I’d find it too heavy like most other foundations. The evening rounded off by allowing us to chat to the professionals (or perhaps the porefessionals, I’m so witty) and even test out some of the other products Benefit has to offer.
Chloe of Chlowitty trying out some products.
Alice being matched for Brow Zings
The store closed at around 8pm so I headed back to the station along with Alice. We’d both made appointments to have our make up done in Fenwicks with one of the Benefit girls. I’m going for my first appointment this Saturday as a treat for my birthday, I also have my eye on a couple of products. From going to this event I’d feel comfortable approaching a counter now for help, something I wouldn’t of dreamed about doing before. I also happened to be taking the same train back north with Claire, it was real nice to have some company. She worked all the way though even after having a full day of it, that’s dedication! I think that was my favourite thing about the event, everyone was so dedicated and enthusiastic about the product, it was the best atmosphere to have experienced!
Not only did I come away with some wonderful new products to try, but I also came home with loads of new north east based blogs to read which is so exciting for me! One of my main aims from creating this blog was to make new friends and meet new people. If you attended the event and I haven’t yet found your blog, please say hi! It would be super if we could all meet up again.
Finally, here is Fake Up, I was a little bit upset when I got up to a grey and cloudy day meaning the lighting in the house would be terrible! Never mind, nothing could dampen my spirits after last night.
Thank you Benefit for inviting me, I had the best time. x
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