#77 The Infamous Spending Ban

So.. due to having a dreadful 2013 so far (it honestly gets worse every week) I have basically shopped and shopped until I have started to feel better.. and then I shopped some more. However my savings are now dwindling and with a new home on the horizon, I thought it was best that I started to get some money back in the bank. Therefore from today, I will be on a spending ban for the next month!

I honestly wish I could just cut down my spending but i’m either an all or nothing kinda girl. It would be nice if I could just buy one thing a week but I have no restraint. I am nervous, very nervous.. I have never done anything like this before. If I see something I like and I have the money in my bank, I buy it. But not anymore! I really want to prove to myself that I can do this, I work well with goals and for me, going on a spending ban is a big goal. The ban is stretching from March 11th to April 11th.

These are the rules for said March – April spending ban are as follows:
  • Toiletries for myself and Little Miss must be included within the weekly shop. Basics only! For myself this includes face wipes (I have enough scrubs, moisturiser & shampoo), toothpaste & nail varnish remover that I may need over the next month. For Little Miss this includes nappies, wipes, bubble bath, shampoo and lotion.
  • The ban does not include nursery fees or any other costs to do with Little Miss, however she needs no more clothes or toys for the foreseeable future.
  • The ban does not include gifts for others (my dads birthday falls within the ban and obviously I have to get him a gift).
  • £20 a week needs to be put aside for the #NottsBBmeet as I plan on doing some shopping then (it’s after the ban, luckily).
  • All extra money at the end of each week needs to be put into the savings account.
  • Any Easter/Birthday gifts of money/vouchers must be saved to be spent after the ban is over.
Of course this means that all my posts will be of things I own and I won’t be doing anything exciting apart from going to a Murder Mystery party later on this month (thankfully I have bought all the bits for my costume!) I will be breaking the rules only once (I hope, unless something really bad happens again obviously) to buy myself a dress/outfit for going out with the girls on the evening of the 13th. I’m going to try and do this a thriftly as possible and even might make it a challenge to get a whole outfit for £20.. who knows. As I said.. if something horrible happens again it’s going to be a struggle not to spend again! Fingers crossed I can stick to this, yeah? 
And maybe if I do well this time, I might do another from May – June.. it could actually be quite exciting finding ways to save & make money over spending it! Who am I kidding.. it’s going to suck especially when it comes to online shopping! 

I have a list of up coming posts that is as long as my arm so I’m not short of content for the next month. I have loads of products to review, a wardrobe of clothes, plenty of recipes, some events in my diary so I will be blogging as much as ever. Just no shopping.

Has anyone else gone on a spending ban? If so, for how long & how well did you do?

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