#86 Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask Review

As I’ve mentioned already, I got a lot of Lush stuff for my birthday from both Little Miss & a few of my friends. This is probably because i’ve made it clear on so many occasions that Lush is one of my favourite brands. I mainly got items for the bath such as bombs, bubble bars & a few melts which is great as taking a bath is one of the only ways I can chill out these days. However, in one of my parcels was this Cupcake Fresh Face Mask (RRP £5.95). Although I’d never tried it, I’m no stranger to it as I always have a sniff when I got into a Lush store. The smell is so good I always feel like I want to eat it.. nice strange confession for you there! Anyway, the reason I’d never tried this is because it states that it’s for teenage & oily skin. I have sensitive skin that’s often dry on my cheeks so I never thought to pick it up! I explained this to my mum and she said why not try it on a t-zone as I often get breakouts there. And I am so glad she suggested this because it’s been amazing at drying those pesky spots up!
So what does Lush say about Cupcake?

“We invented this mask for younger skins and for those who are new to face masks and want to use something that’s cheerful and cheeky but still effective and good at its job.

The serious side of this mask has linseed infusion to nourish and soften the skin, fresh mint for toning, cocoa butter to moisturise and rhassoul mud to absorb grease and give a deep cleanse.”

Sounds good right? Despite being twenty five now, I still consider myself young and I’m definitely new to face masks. I’ve always been too nervous in the past to experiment with products on my skin, that was before I became a beauty blogger now I’m always on the look out for something to improve my skin. 

What do I think? Well for starters, it smells amazing as I mentioned before, so good that it makes me want to eat it! It’s a nice thick face mask which I love and also quite grainy which is good for getting rid of those pesky black heads and spots. I like that since it’s stored in the fridge it’s cold when I put it on my face which is a nice contrast to my hot skin as I use face masks while taking a bath. When I first put it on I try to massage it a bit before leaving it for a good 15 minutes. Then I wash it off with warm water. 
Truly unflattering instagram photo of me in the Cupcake face mask.
It leaves my skin feeling so soft and has really made an improvement are all spots and blemishes that aren’t hormonal (NOTHING gets rid of those under the skin wee buggers!) I wasn’t even going to review this product but it’s SO amazing that I’ll recommend it to anyone who has a but of a spot problem or black heads. I will 100% be buying it again, especially since when you collect 5 black tubs they give you a free face mask! Free stuff is always an incentive for me. 
Have any of you tried any of the Lush Fresh Masks? Which one & what did you think?
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