#115 Models Own at Littlewoods.com Review

A couple of weeks back I was contacted by the lovely Laura of Talented Talkers. She had come across my blog and was interested in introducing me to some brands, one being Littlewoods which are currently running a nail care campaign. I jumped at the chance having only just started to take interest in my nails since moving home. I’m slowly building up a nice collection of colours and I do have my nails painted most days. 
Firstly, when you think of Littlewoods, do you think of nail polish? No, I didn’t either, until now. After being informed by Laura that Littlewoods do indeed stock nail polish I headed over to the site for a look. I do have a Littlewoods account, however at the moment I’m keeping it empty in case I need to buy something big for the house. They actually have quite a wide selection, I was impressed, stocking such brands as Barry M, Nails Inc, Butter, OPI and Models Own. I have been sent three lovely Spring/Summer colours to try out and they happen to be by my favourite nail brand, Models Own.
L-R Indian Ocean, Lilac Dream & Peach Sherbet* £6 at Littlewoods

Lilac Dream* topped with Indian Ocean*
Peach Sherbet*
In general, I love Models Own polishes. I have the three in one top & base coat that I apply before and after colour which makes them last two to three days (bare in mind I have a one year old so I’m constantly busy with my hands). I think they have a great section of colours and I especially love the effects, in particular the Beetlejuice collection! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new scented polishes.

I know if I was placing a Littlewoods order I would definitely consider sneaking in a few nail polishes, especially if I was already paying a decent size amount off weekly/monthly.. that extra 25p-80p (brand dependent of course) would hardly make the difference! I was also so excited to see how much of the popular on trend colours they stocked such as Neon, Pastel (including the OPI Euro Centrale range that I’m dying to get my hands on!) and Special Effects, including the new leather range! Such a good selection.

Have you ever ordered nail polish from Littlewoods? Did you even know Littlewoods stocked nail polish? What’s your favourite brand?
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