#135 Hair Week Day 1 – My Hair Through The Years

It’s hair week here at Cocktails in Teacups! This week I’ll be bringing you hair related posts, well the hair on your head anyway. I figured it was a good theme because although I am rubbish at styling my hair, despite dying it monthly, my hair is in great condition and grows like wildfire, so I must know something, right? I have some product reviews, some information posts, DIY and finally some link ups to some of my favourite hair related posts on other blogs, so hopefully there is something for everyone.. I understand not everyone reads my blog for beauty but I really just want to book end all the information I can impart about hair!
If this works well, I might maybe follow this up in a few months with a skincare week.. Although I’m not that great when it comes to that, I still sometimes commit the ultimate sin of face wipes when I’m too tired/drunk /to remove my make up.
I’m starting today with my hair through the years which of course includes some wonderfully embarrassing selfies that at the time I’m sure I thought were amazing!
Starting at the top.. we have my hair as a child and my hair now. As a child I had golden blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes (the same as my daughter actually!) I loved it growing up but as I got older it started to darken especially in the winter. The only time I’d ever have my childhood hair again would be when I went abroad. It was long and naturally wavy. I only very briefly had a fringe, I think my mum grew it out when I was 3 or 4. My hair stayed this way until I was 16.. 
As I mentioned in my music post, in my teens I started to listen to more alternative music and I wanted a look to match. My mother didn’t allow me to dye my hair until I left school and went to college, which to be honest my blonde hair matched my squeaky clean geeky rep I had in High School.. then off I go to college and come back with bright red hair.. I loved my red hair, I wanted to be Alyson Hannigan if I’m honest (circa Willow and Michelle in American Pie) but it was such upkeep. In the end I just kept it a nice coppery colour and had a full fringe cut in. The fringe, although looking awesome, didn’t last long.

Blonde on New Years 2006/7
Couple of days later it was dyed brown.
The summer before I went off to University (well the May time) I dyed my hair back to more my natural colour. I luckily went on holiday to Greece that summer so it was quite a nice golden blonde for when I started uni in the September. I did love it but as winter set in it started to darken.. of course being a student I thought the answer was bleech.. making my hair yellowy white. I didn’t like that.. So in the New Year at a drunken sleep over I let my friend dye my hair brown. I loved it, it looked great with my eyebrows which are naturally dark. Although it took me a few tries to find a shade I liked, a nice chocolate brown. 
I kept it a decent length and choppy with no fringe… that was until I was bought my first GHDs for my 20th birthday. Then I had it cut to one length and a full fringe again as I thought with awesome straightners it might be easier to keep my naturally wavy hair under control! Later on that year I made the catastrophic mistake of letting my mum cut my hair into a bob in an attempt to make me look older… SECOND BIGGEST HAIR MISTAKE EVER (i’ll get to the first in a bit). I grew it out straight away, along with my full fringe.
Bob with full fringe in June 2008
My hair stayed brown and grew over the next two years. I kept it brown, using the same hair dye as it kept my hair healthy despite the 6 weekly dyes and added an amazing shine! (I’ll let you know which dye later on in the week.) After my break up from my long term boyfriend in the summer of 2010, I decided to loose loads of weight and get a side parting, followed . It took a lot of work but I’m sure after three years my hair now naturally falls that way!

My 23rd birthday, March 2011
HOWEVER! In between the last two photos on the bottom line.. was my biggest hair mistake ever. Due to going through a break up, I have no photos of this hair catastrophe. As I’m sure you can tell, my hair looks a lot shorter in the final photo than the one before.. this is because I cut about 3-4 inches off my hair with the kitchen scissors as a desperate cry for help. I’m not proud and I regret it! It’s taken me a year to grow my hair back but I’m getting there and finally, I’ve got to the point where I love my hair again. Dip dying my hair (even though that trend is now over) was probably one of the best things i’ve done to my hair in years. Because of the returning length, it looks nice naturally wavy which is a bonus when you have a little one to deal with. 
Future plans for my hair? Well this month, I’m dying it darker with no ombre but I’m using a temporary dye. It’s for fancy dress and yes I’m a wee bit nervous but over the last year I’ve learned some great tips on keeping it in a good condition, so I won’t be afraid to whack on some lightening dye to return it to it’s usual browny/red glory. I’m still growing it, and i’m growing out my side fringe at least for the summer.. I’m even considering buying a full fringe clip in so I can continue working towards my life’s ambition of being Zooey Deschanel.. I jest I jest. 
What have been your favourite hair styles over the year? Is there anything you’d want to try but have been to afraid?
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