#176 A Picnic in the Country

As part of my blog post jiggle up, I’ve decided to share more life posts, although not to the extend that you’ll see much of my little one, sadly. I’m currently seeing a councilor to help with my anxiety and insecurity, and on their recommendation I’m doing new things, keeping busy and avoiding the mundane. I need to keep busy so I don’t dwell on the way he made me feel or have time to worry about things. Thankfully my sister has been an angel at keeping me focused while my parents have been away. We’ve come up with a list of things we want to do over the summer and this weekend we marked off something, go for a picnic. 
On Saturday the weather was sunny and warm, albeit a little windy so we headed inland a bit in attempt to escape the sea breeze and find somewhere to have a picnic with the kids. In my usual style I made sandwiches, fruit salad and homemade cupcakes, my sister headed to Morrisons and bought the place out.. honestly if she didn’t look like our dad and myself like our mum I’d say there was no way we’re related ha. We packed up the car with the two children and the two buggys then headed off over the border into Scotland. We went to a little town maybe 10-15 minutes into Scotland, the wind hadn’t really dropped any but when the sun was out, it was really hot. We headed to a little park that was pretty much deserted which meant if the kids decided to have a tantrum there wouldn’t be anyone around to witness it (the joys of mother hood!) It was absolutely beautiful. After we’d all eaten we took a little walk to look around but everywhere was shut at 1:30! Even on a Saturday, insane! It was ironically much warmer in Scotland than England!
Anyway, I took my camera with me and thought i’d share some photos I took on the day. It really was lovely day. 

How did you spend your weekend? 

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