#181 Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

From my front door I can see the sea. To some people this is such an amazing thing but I grew up in a village on the sea front and it did have a lot more cons than pros. For starters, it wasn’t always sunny. I live on the North East coast right next to Scotland which means even in the height of summer it’s often pretty cool, windy and we’ve even been known to have a thick covering of fog on the days the weather man claims everywhere else is enjoying the hottest day of the year! Also, the smell. That salty smell is not something you want you hair smelling of day in and out, occasionally the place is also high of seaweed! Then there are the seagulls, waking you up at 4am.. or worse waking your child up at 4am when you only managed to settle her a few hours earlier.
HOWEVER, before I put you all off the area, this weekend for two days living by the seaside has been something for my village and town to celebrate! We had our very own Seaside Festival, and I have to admit it has been lovely. Originally I had planned to only go on Sunday, but since I was unable to make the meet going on in Newcastle I headed there on Saturday as well with my parents. I didn’t take my camera on the Saturday (I wish I had but I couldn’t find my charger!) so I borrowed my dads so I could definitely take it today. I know these sort of days out posts aren’t all my readers cup of tea, but I really enjoy doing them so I can look back on the positive things that did happen this year to prove to myself it wasn’t all bad! 
The Seaside Festival was a wonderful mix with traditional British seaside activities such as a Punch and Judy show, donkey rides and an ice cream van as well as a car boot sale on both days, medieval shows such as archery and jousting, a fun fair and even a strange sort of circus! Definitely had something for everyone. As usual I hit up the car boot sale both days and got some wonderful bargains including the Nigella Christmas cook book I’ve been after for ages (and even blogged about here) for only £3! Little Miss won a koala on Hook the Duck which is now sporting the name Cola as it’s at least something she can say. We ate burgers, chips, ice cream, jerk chicken and rice, doughnuts and there was even a bar where my dad was able to treat us all to cider! It was a wonderful couple of days out and I’m pleased to say it managed to stay dry for it.
Jousting Arena
Medieval Tent
Car Boot Sale
Lets go fly a kite
Punch & Judy, and it was to the original script with the crocodile and the baby!
Donkey rides on the promenade

My cousin & sister enjoying the “face in a hole”
Doughnut selfie, had to be done.

It’s been wonderful that for all the summer festivities in my town this year the sun has been out! Roll on the Beer & Food Festival in September!
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