#186 Shopping Spotlight – Sleeping Beauty Shoes

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! I am absolutely shattered after the busiest week in ages! Last night I didn’t get home until after midnight from my Aunt’s ladies night. It was a scream! My mum, my aunts and all my female cousins, that live in the UK anyway, where there. It’s funny how so alike most of us are, even in looks. We don’t see each other as much as I’d like but growing up we were all so close that it means we have so much hilarious reminiscing to do over a few bottles of wine when we do get together. Then today it was the Trades Fours, a rowing competition that we all braved in the rain before heading back to my parents to warm up. It’s safe to say tonight is a movie and take out night, I’m far too tired to cook especially when my mother had fed Little Miss for me! 
Anyway, I’m so damn excited about my blog post tonight after receiving a whopping 35 likes on Instagram which for someone who usually gets a maximum of 20 is a big deal. If you have my on Instagram you’re probably already trying to work out what i’m talking about.. But I won’t hold you in suspense for long as time is getting on and I’d quite like to put my feet up. I’m talking about these;

My beautiful one of a kind Disney princess decoupage pumps! Since I wore them last night I can do a full review rather than one based solely on how good they look.
I ordered these pumps along with a pair of The Little Mermaid heels for my little sister from an Etsy store called Sleeping Beauty Shoes (she’s in the process of rebranding). The heels originally were as a Christmas present (yes I start early) and I knew I’d be so envious of her stalking about I decided to order my own with a mixture of princesses. They’re one of a kind as even if you were to order say a Little Mermaid pair they would have different photos arranged in a different way, like with all decoupage, it’s never identical. I loved the idea of having a unique pair of shoes, especially a Disney princess inspired pair of shoes! Because after all, anyone who knows me will tell you I have a wee bit of an obsession.
The pumps cost a low price of £25 and the heels £35.. usually there is a shipping cost on top but due to buying two pairs their was wavered. Despite the low price for something so unique they’re excellent quality and so surprisingly comfortable! I wore mine yesterday for over 5 hours and didn’t experience any rubbing and the sole is pretty soft and spongy so even my weird ex dancer feet didn’t even suffer. The shoes are laquered a number of times to ensure the decoupage doesn’t peel off and the top coat is glittery, perfect for casual evening wear when you don’t think the evening quite calls for heels. The lacquer makes them splash proof but it is recommended that you don’t go splashing in puddles, which is understandable and I don’t make a habit of doing this in anything other than my wellies anyway. 
For both pairs to arrive at my door it took less than two weeks from placing and discussing my specifications to signing for them. They arrived in individual shoe boxes wrapped in pink tissue paper and glitter, what else would you expect if you’re ordering princess shoes, right!? I think they are so well made, the service was wonderful and of course, they’re unique! I’d honestly point anyone looking for an unusual gift for someone else or even themselves because after all, there isn’t anything better than the gift of shoes… or so my sister tells me! 
You can see my pumps on the etsy shop, custom orders are available say you liked Toy Story, I’m sure you could get a Toy Story pair and from a further conversation I know there are smaller heel sizes available say you’re high heel phobe like myself. I’m eying up a matching bag at the moment and there are also kindle cases!
What do you think? Would you buy a pair of decoupage Disney shoes?
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