#188 Oh Mr Postman *

Come on, lets be honest.. there isn’t anything better than a good post day. You know the days when the postman knocks on your door and hands you a pile of parcels and letters (that aren’t bills, obviously!) I especially love unexpected parcels from friends. I was lucky enough to receive quite a few packages from various friends when I moved which was wonderful and they were really a good point during a stressful time. 
Since becoming more financially independent I have tried to do similar for friends. A lot of my friends and family don’t live anywhere near me so I like to let them know I’m still thinking of them on their birthday, or anniversary, or even if they’re just having a down time. 
One of my friends from university had a baby last year and I’d bought a massive bag filled with baby essentials. Unfortunately I couldn’t get down to visit so I had to send it by mail.. this was when I discovered the joys of Parcelforce. After pricing the cost to send it through alternative companies and being shocked at the cost for the most basic of services, I came home searching for an alternative method. Often parcels go missing and with something as special as a care package for my friend and her son I needed a guarantee that it had been delivered to her. I sent my parcel by a service that was tracked and arrived to my friend within two days, all for under £10 which is wonderful for a 3K parcel! I was so impressed with the service Parcelforce had shown that I have used them ever since for large parcel, which came in so handy last Christmas!
I have recently discovered Artbox which sells the cutest stationary and gifts. It has inspired me to make up more gift packages for friends, join in with blog gift swaps, maybe even organising my own at some point as it contains so many reasonably priced bits and bobs that would be wonderful for a care package! I also have to make up a parcel for my 300 GFC followers and I will be using Parcelforce to send it!
Have you ever used Parcelforce to send packages? What would be in your perfect care package? 
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