#199 A Public Service Announcement of Sorts

Since I’m back into my old routine of blogging pretty much every day, I thought i’d attempt to give my blog a bit more structure when it comes to content. I’ll be honest, this is mainly for me. Mixing up what content I post will definitely help me stay focused and not make me feel disillusioned with it which is how I felt before moving. I’d ended up in a rut of review after review and that isn’t why I started my blog which was now almost a year ago! 
As my blog is very much “lifestyle” as in I post whatever the hell takes my fancy that is related to my life! I know I have a wide variety of followers, some like recipes, some like beauty, some just like my random rambling.. And because of this I plan to try and post the following each week one recipe, one beauty review and one life update.. I also plan on having one post free day a week. On Friday’s we of course will have Reads for the Weekend and that leaves two days for anything goes kind of posts, maybe a wishlist.. or perhaps a book review, or a monthly feature or God forbid, a sponsored post (hey a girl has got to shop!) but these will be features that don’t crop up every week.
Anyway, I’ll let you all return to your Sundays. I have housework today, I hope you’re all doing something more enjoyable than me! And I’ll just leave you with this image that sums up my daily thoughts on life. Enjoy x
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