#200 Scrub a Dub Dub

I have only just managed to photograph for this post before it gets too dark! Phew that was a mad dash! I can’t believe how early I’m having to shut my curtains now, especially in the lounge which gets light in the morning because of the way my house faces! 
I’m going to try and schedule a few posts for the next couple of days as once again I have visitors. Whether or not that will happen is another thing as I want to do eBay listing tonight, tidy and hoover AND have a bath. I also haven’t been feeling on top form today, I think i’m coming down with another cold and if it’s anything like my last one, it’ll be brutal. Also, my grandfather is slowly getting worse, he’s pretty much bed bound now. So if I disappear from the blogosphere, that’s why.
ANYWAY, moving onto today’s post! It’s my one beauty post and it’s all about my favourite shower products. 
I never ever liked taking a shower before I became a mother. While at uni I only ever had a shower so I felt i’d had my fill of them. I didn’t even really buy shower products because I was so set against them, choosing always to have a bath no matter how little time I had. Then I became a mum and time became something I had very little to spare as I had my daughter to think of. Nowadays a bath is a luxury, something I only manage once or twice a week due to being too tired in the evening and Little Miss has her bedroom right beside the bathroom, so I don’t want to make noise and wake her. Showers have now become my thing and I spend more money on nice smelling shower products than I do on my old favourite Lush bombs and bubble bars sadly. I do miss having a bath though. 
These are my current shower products, both washes and scrubs. I like to use both! 
My favourite indulgent shower gel has to be by Philosophy! Hayley of Strangeness and Charm managed to snap me up this bottle of Christmas Cookie left over from the Christmas range for a mere £5! I love the Philosophy 3 in 1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath although I don’t love the price tag of £14 for 480ml! They smell fantastic though. The first one I ever owned was the Red Velvet which was bought as a Christmas present from an ex, from then on I’ve been hooked although this Christmas Cookie will only be the third bottle i’ve had in about 5 years as I cannot justify £14 on shower gel (even if you can wash your hair with it or use it as bubble bath!) One of the best things about them though is the fact they have a recipe on them! Which I think is just really cute. 
As part of my Nottingham BB meet goodie bag I received a huge tub of Mandara Spa Exfoliating Sugar Scrub* and I only used it for the first time a couple of weeks back but I am hooked! It smells absolutely fantastic! What I also like about is the fact that after using it to exfoliate the sugar dissolves easily which for me is vital as there is nothing worse than not getting it all off in the shower then having it scratch you to death while toweling yourself off! It’s in a lovely big tub which makes it easy to scoop out even in the shower before applying it to yourself. I REALLY love scrubs and use them religiously while in the shower in an attempt to avoid the dreaded cellulite, so far so good! 
My other current in the shower scrub is Rub Rub Rub from Lush. This tends to by my first thing in the morning scrub (and the Mandara Spa scrub if i’m going anywhere nice in the evening) as the smell of it alone wakes you up! It’s like being hit in the face/body by the ocean, as in the Pacific Ocean not the North Sea ha. It’s absolutely great for exfoliating with, and it also claims to be great for the hair but I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet! It’s quite pricey at £8.25 for a 330g tub but as I mentioned above, I am starting to pay more attention to what I use in the shower and like with all Lush products, a little bit goes a long way! Not only that, but it looks bloody fantastic!
A product I haven’t used for anything other than sniffing is Soap & Glory’s Breakfast Scrub. I bought it after being recommended it through a #bbloggers chat on twitter. I was buying some shampoo anyway an since Soap & Glory was on 3 for 2 in Boots I thought, why not? It does smell fantastic, I am a complete sucker for anything with oats and almond milk, they always smell completely divine which this product does, I really hope it lives up to the rave reviews but I won’t be trying it until I’ve finished off one of the two other scrubs i’m using. Again it retails around the £8 mark but Soap & Glory is quite on offer for 3 for 2 or 2 for £10 in Boots so then it doesn’t seem so steep.
However, two shower products by Soap & Glory I have been using are Rich & Foamous and Sugar Crush Body Washes. Like with the scrubs, I tend to alternate when I use them. Rich & Foamous in the evening and Sugar Crush in the morning to compliment Rub Rub Rub as it definitely wakes you up in the morning (I also personally think it smells a but like mojitos!) They come in massive bottles and are a mere £6.50! They also last AGES. My favourite thing about them is the fact they have a pump on them. This makes them so easy to use while in the shower, no more dropping the soap because of slippy hands! 
Finally, my take away shower gel, The Body Shop‘s Ginger Sparkle shower gel. This is the shower gel I keep in my over night bag. It comes in a nice small bottle that isn’t heavy at all but still smells fantastic. I got it in a gift set last year as it was one of the special edition Christmas scents. It’s very warming but because it’s ginger and not gingerbread it has a bit of a freshness to it that makes it the perfect shower gel for any time of day. I really hope they have a similar Christmas range out this year as I really loved the Ginger Sparkle collection.
What are your favourite shower products? What would you recommend?

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