#222 London Retro Jubilee Frames Review

I don’t know how many of you know that I need glasses.. well just in case you didn’t know, this is me telling you I do. I’m short sighted, meaning objects in the distance appear blurred, this is getting progressively worse to the point I have to go over to the TV to see the Sky listings or if I try and read road signs I give myself a headache. As being short sighted isn’t something that happens with age, it’s either genetic or environment. My dad even at 52 still had perfect vision and my mother is long sighted so the optician has suggested the problems with my vision is caused by something in my environment that impaired my eye growth. I know what it was, it was when the school switched to white boards from black and my school was too cheap to invest in good pens. Being a goody two shoes meant I always had a seat at the back of the classroom which often resulted in having to strain to see the board.. and there you have it 12+ years later and I can’t even make out my own mother if she’s on the other side of the street! Of course I don’t exactly help this as I don’t wear my glasses half as much as I should, usually because I never have them in my handbag when I’m out and about.
HOWEVER the problem of never having my glasses with me has now been solved! I was contacted by the lovely people at My Optique offering me the chance to review one of the frames from their new London Retro range. After a quick browse to see if anything would suit my moon face, I knew it was an offer I could accept and I’d already fallen in love with one particular pair. 
London Retro Jubilee Frames c/o My Optique RRP £79 *
The Jubilee frames by London Retro are probably the most flattering pair of frames i’ve ever owned. I chose the purple frames on impulse as I already have a pair of black rimmed ones but afterwards I worried they would be too bright, thankfully they’re not. In fact you can barely tell they’re purple unless the sun shines on them from a particular direction, which in all honesty, it’s fine by me! They’re so sleek despite having quite big lenses in them and don’t carry much weight. I have to apologise and say I haven’t checked the durability of them by allowing my one year old to try them on, mainly because I’m too in love with them to risk her breaking them! They cost £79 including scratch resistant and anti reflective lenses which as far as the cost of glasses goes, an absolute bargain (I once had a pair of French Connection glasses that cost a whopping £120, luckily I was still at school so my mum didn’t have to pay!)  The range of frames is much bigger than I thought meaning there is more than likely something to suit everyone. These glasses have been fitted with my prescription and even then they took less than a week to arrive. They come with a gorgeous leather case and I know i’m going to feel well smug pulling them out of my bag in my class next week. 
I have a problem where I need to pull stupid faces to stop myself feeling like a douche when taking selfies.
What do you think? Do they suit me?

This product was sent to me to review. All views are my own and have not been swayed by the company or branding.
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