Outfit of the Day – Red Suede Shoes

You all know I’m not the biggest fan of doing outfit posts, I’m very judgmental on the way I look. I’m always picking faults and I don’t think I’ll ever be happy in my own skin. I occasionally do a what I wore as a way of battling this. I’ll not go into too much what I think about them, but on the plus side I’ve found the place with the best natural light, the kitchen! So all photos in the future will be taken in the kitchen.
I’ve gone for a very casual outfit. Since being a mother I spend more and more time dressed casually for easiness. I don’t feel very “yummy mummy” but I do feel like I can be a good mum chasing my little one up the stairs. Before having Little Miss I never ever wore trousers, now I wear trousers more days that I wear dresses. I don’t have the fear flashing my panties to the world when I pick my daughter up this way!
So this is what I wore yesterday, before the storm hit anyway! We’ve had constant rain and win since 5pm yesterday evening. It’s getting depressing already!

Cardigan £9.99 (similar), H&M
Eiffel Tower T-Shirt (ancient), Topshop
Joni Jeans £36, Topshop
Socks £1.99, Primark
Red Suede Keds* £47, Schuh
Bow Necklace (Ancient), This Charming Girl

As you can see, photo editing isn’t my strongest subject! But you can get the idea. The Eiffel Tower tee is one I searched high and low for, finally I managed to get it when a friend was selling it! It’s slightly too big but it’s perfect for casual days. I have two pairs of Joni jeans, I’m not a huge fan of the material of these black ones and they do get dirty easily, but I love a pair of black skinny jeans. They’re such a wardrobe staple. I’ve teamed the Keds with some girly socks from Primark, for some reason I’ve clearly never grown up as I adore trainers and frilly socks. This is my idea of casual, I obviously can’t let go of my quirky roots as even though this is a far cry than my pre-baby fashion sense (often described my people I used to work with as Lolita esq) I’m still holding tightly to polka dots and bows. 
What do you like to wear on more casual days?
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