Five Favourite Festive Shower Products

You have to admit, one of the best things about Christmas, in regards to being a beauty blogger is all the festive products that are released. Some places like The Body Shop release different scented ranges every year, others bring back their old faithfuls in limited edition form like Kiehls, but the packaging always looks much better. And other places, like Lush, release a mixture of both. I’ll be the first to say there are plenty I am a sucker for. Especially when it comes to products to use in the shower, since I shower much more these days, at least 3 or 4 times a week and I go through products like there is no tomorrow!
Today, I thought i’d share the collection of favourites i’ve built up over the last few months. A lot of places start releasing their festive products around September and I always like to get my hands on them so I can use them in the run up to the big day. These are my top five, in no particular order as I love them all!
Rituals Sunrise Limited Edition Foaming Shower Gel* RRP £8.50. I have to admit, until I started using Sunrise, I was a Rituals newbie. I had read about the brand in other blogs but I hadn’t managed to get my hands on anything by them. When I was gifted the Sunrise Limited Edition Foaming Shower Gel to try, I was hooked from first sniff. The sweet orange and cedar is so christmassy! In fact after I’ve used it I’m sure I smell like a candle! You really don’t need to use a lot because the instant it comes in contact with water it foams up to over double it’s size. I mean of course it’s great that it leaves you smelling like you’ve rubbed a yankee candle on yourself, but it also leaves you feeling clean, which is the main point for something you wash with, right? Usually I go in for the more sugar and sweet types when it comes to body washes and lotions but Sunrise is perfect for those who love a more warm or fruity wash, in fact the Sweet Orange and Cedar is exactly that.
£2 piece size amount of Rituals Foaming Shower Gel
The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel RRP £4 I originally received this shower gel in a gift tin (I reviewed it here last year). The Body Shop is famous for it’s wonderful smelling products and they always have really great Christmas ranges. For the past few years Ginger Sparkle has been a permanent fixture. When I first bought it I thought it would smell like gingerbread due to the design on the bottle (which is one of my favourite Christmas scents) however it smells like ginger, the spice. It’s very refreshing and quite zingy. Perfect for a first thing in the morning shower as it really wakes you up. It took a little bit getting used to but now I’m on my second bottle I know I’d buy it again. Especially as it’s currently half price on everything in The Body Shop and free delivery over £5! 
Yves Rocher Cocoa and Raspberry Shower Gel RRP £1.95 I picked this up when I was in Paris, I think it was about 1.90e which is very close to the UK price. In Paris Yves Rocher is very much like The Body Shop. We passed loads of them and they all seemed to have brilliant offers on. From the second I picked this up and had a smell I knew I’d have to buy it. It smells exactly like chocolate covered raspberries, something I definitely want my freshly washed body to smell like! For the price, you’d not exactly expect the scent to linger on you skin but it really does. Not strongly but it’s there. It’s not really great for foaming up if you’re using a bath lily but it’s great if you’re simply squirting it into your hands and rubbing it all over your body.. well that sounded very sexual, I do apologise! But this shower gel is definitely perfect for that sort of thing! I wish I’d stocked up now at that price!
Lush Snow Fairy RRP from £3.50 is one of my all time favourite Christmas products and one that I buy time and time again. I’m sure if Lush stopped bringing out their iconic Snow Fairy there would be an absolute uproar. Everyone loves that sickly sweet scent that you can now buy as a soap and similarly scented bubble bars. As I mentioned above, I love the sweet scented products and you can’t get sweeter than Snow Fairy. I can’t remember a Christmas I haven’t purchased one of these bottles. They’re so great as you can use them as bubble bath, shower gel and even wash your hair with them. Snow Fairy always reminds me of my best friend Bee as her bathroom is always high of it and if she manages to get a haul of the stuff at Christmas, the smell of it continues to perfume her bathroom for most of the year. Starting at £3.50 for the smallest bottle, this stuff goes a long way, even the 100g bottle which is what I usually go for.
Philosophy Christmas Cookie RRP £14 these shower gels are such a treat. My ex used to buy me one from John Lewis every Christmas and I ration it throughout the year. Philosophy does such amazing flavours (is that right? Scents?) but Christmas Cookie (or Shortbread cookie as it appears to be this year) has to be my all time favourite. Sweetly scented, exactly like cookie mix. You can see how much I’ve used over the last year (Hayley picked this up for me from Boots when it was half price) it’s my special occassion shower gel. Again like with Snow Fairy you can use it on your fair and as bubble bath as well, but I prefer to wash with it so I can smell like i’ve been in a bakery all day. The texture is so creamy and indulgent. I feel so excited knowing I won a gift pack with it in on Twitter this week and it’s currently on it’s way to me! 
My favourite thing about the Philosophy bottles is that they have recipes on them! Not that I’ve ever tried them so I can’t guarantee that they work. Perhaps I should add that to my to do list!
What are your favourite festive products? 
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