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#ChristmasJumperDay 2013

If you’re not feeling remotely festive yet, I’d probably question your mentality slightly. This is my second Christmas as a mother though and I can no longer remember what it’s like to work right through December and not have Santa on the TV screen from the 1st November. Not that I mind. I’ve always enjoyed Christmas up until three years ago.. then I was ill.. followed by being pregnant and living with the worst person in the world and then last year, single mother with an under one year old.. HOWEVER, finally I feel like I’m getting back into my past festive ways. Tree up on the 25th November, Christmas shopping finished and pretty much wrapped by the first week in December. Then today I took Little Miss to see Santa Claus switch on the lights in my parents village. My sister and I were more excited than the kids! I didn’t take any photos as I had my daughter in the pushchair but it was such a nice experience since it was cancelled due to rain last year!
Today has also been Christmas Jumper Day! I don’t know about everyone else but I fully embraced it, venturing out with Little Miss in matching robin jumpers. Wearing a Christmas jumper on Friday 13th December is a campagne by Save the Children to raise money so of course I text “Woolly” to 70050 and donated £2 from us both. It’s such a worthy cause. 
Anyway, I thought i’d share a few outfit photos I took this morning. As usual there is the bare minimum of Little Miss which still makes me feel bad that I can’t post photos showing off my cute creation but it’s not worth the risk with the sort of father she has lurking out there (and i’m 99% sure he stalks this blog, nice that). 

She was pointing her finger at the camera and saying cheese while shaking her head. She’s not ACTUALLY blury.
Little Miss is Wearing
Jumper £7, Primark
Skirt (Last Year), Next
Cream Tights £6 (for a pack of three), Asda
Boots £6, H&M
& I’m Wearing
Robin Jumper* £10, Asda
Skirt £1, Primark
Cable Knit Tights £7, H&M
Tartan Bow £4, Rosy Red Apples
I took a couple of nicer ones of Little Miss & I and a few of her on her own but they’re too clear to share on my blog. She did look adorable in her jumper today though but you may have to take my word for it.
My sweater did originally flash and play Christmas music but after going through the wash it no longer works, not that I minded since Little Miss was positively terrified of it! I’m so shocked that it’s a size 8 and fits perfectly. I really thought i’d never be a size 8 in anything again after having a baby. However, I do think the jumpers from Asda this year are quite oversized so if you’re planning on buying one, definitely go for a size down. My skirt was a complete bargain from Primark when I was in last month! It was marked down to £1 and it’s the most perfect bottle green for any Christmas outfits! The bow is made by Rhiannon of The Sparkly Panda, I bought it from her last week when I was visiting Lincoln Christmas market and she was sharing a stall with my best friend Bee of Journeys are my Diary. I think I’m currently obsessed by hair bows so I may be buying a few more when they’ve been listed on Rhiannon’s etsy Rosy Red Apples
Did you take part in Christmas Jumper Day?
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