De-Stressing Sunday

I never edit my photos in such a way, filters just don’t feel very honest. However, since i’m not reviewing anything or showing anything off, I thought i’d stick a filter on these photos as it sort of reflects the kind of day I’ve had.
As I mentioned in my new years post, I want to try and get on top of my insomnia and anxiety. As of yet, this hasn’t happened in the slightest. In fact, since the new year began it’s been getting worse. Last night I had an early night planned but when I went to bed I couldn’t sleep until 4am.. and then I had two awful nightmares, one of which is recurring when I’m stressed or worried. I ended up getting less than three hours in the end and when you have a toddler, that isn’t good news. Luckily, my mother is a saint and offered to have Little Miss for me all afternoon giving me a chance to really relax which doesn’t happen often these days.
I know mothers around the world will be out picketing me for saying this, but as much as I think my daughter is the best human being on earth (and believe me, I do) there are a lot of things I miss about pre-mother life. I miss lies in past 12, I miss long hot baths, I miss finding time to read a whole book in a day, I miss aimlessly wandering around shops, I miss a quiet coffee on my own. All the things I used to do to relax no longer happen so it’s no wonder i’m so stressed at the moment I feel like i’m a mobile on vibrate. So when my mum does offer to take Little Miss (and I can assure you it’s very rare she takes her without good reason such as if I’m going to see friends) I do jump at the chance, just so for a few short hours I can try and get out of my head and really relax. 
This afternoon I took a nap, had an incredibly hot, bubble bath with my favourite Lush product The Comforter Bubble Bar, read some more of The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, ate a bowl of homemade soup with fresh bread rolls from the corner shop and leafed through some glossy magazines. It was bliss. In the bath I had the face mask on, the hair mask on and the candles burning. I never get long baths anymore for fear I’ll wake Little Miss in the next room. I haven’t managed to read a book since June last year due to a number or reasons but one of my “unofficial” resolutions is to read more so I’ve picked up an old favourite, The Hobbit. I’m a 1/3 of the way through already and I just started this morning. I have a subscription to both Elle and Company so I do try and make some time to read them when they come through my door. Armed with a little bar of chocolate (Kinder with Cereal are AMAZING!) and a mug of hot chocolate, it was a great way to end a relaxing afternoon.
I was extra glad when my mum brought Little Miss back, the little break made me appreciate her so much more. We both had glasses of milk and read some books before I put her up to bed. She seemed glad to be back home with me too.
How do you relax when you have some time to yourself? 
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