Room to Grow’s B-Qubed with Table Top Review

B-Qubed with Table Top* RRP £79.99, Room to Grow
When I was offered the chance to review this wonderful B-Qubed Bean Bag with Table Top* from Room to Grow, I was so excited. In my lounge we don’t have a coffee table or any units apart from a small table with my lamp on, the TV unit with our big tv on and a couple of bookcases, no where to put food or drinks and nothing that can be moved around the room. This looked like the solution to my problem (of either leaving drinks on the floor that could perhaps be kicked over or having to put them on the fireplace and constantly get up), I didn’t however expect Little Miss to take a huge liking to it! In fact, she’s the one who’s using it most! 
This B-Qubed table comes in 11 colours, I went for the chocolate brown as it would fit in with my lounge and that would be the place I’d be using it most of the time. The material is wipeable and water resistant, which is great when you have a toddler on the go. The plastic top is also easy to wipe clean. Not only that, it’s incredibly light, both the plastic top and the cube making it safe for Little Miss to push around. The top simply slots into on of the holes so you can either use it as a table on as a foot rest, or even a seat if you were short of them! I usually have it out during the day but since it dismantles so easily I can put it away if I need the room or I have guests over. 
We have even started eating off it as Little Miss no longer wants to sit in a high chair or on a booster seat but she’s too small to eat at the table. I have noticed an amazing increase in what she’ll eat. Because she can see what I’m having she will happily eat the same. It’s a godsend. It’s also encouraging her to sit on her seat away from the TV. 
When we’re not using it as a table she uses it to play with her toys on. She’s done colouring in, played with her shape puzzles, read books and even played with her little peoples and cars on it. I think she’s really enjoying having something at her height. 
My only quibble is the fact the table top only comes in black. A white one would of went better in my lounge but I can no way moan about anything else as this is a really fantastic product, one that will hopefully be useful to us for many years to come. 
The table was delivered so quickly and I have definitely been impressed with the service from Room to Grow. I’ve also had a browse of their website and there are some brilliant things for children! I’ve fallen in love with this Magic Garden doll house, The Princess and the Frog coat stand, and The Princess and the Frog toy box. There are loads of fantastic storage solutions and children’s beds I’m going to have to look into as Little Miss accumulates more stuff and grows.
What do you think of the B-Qubed with Table Top? Is it something you’d use? 
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