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Insta-Month February

Flu at the beginning of February // Blog reached 600 Bloglovin Followers // Valentines with Little Miss
First coffee in 6 weeks // Beautiful belated Christmas gift from Bee // Throw Back Thursday New Year 06/07 with Mum
Little Miss’ first real drawing a “Princess Castle” // Out for a walk in the sun // Baked my sister’s BF a birthday cake
The highlights were…Blog reached 600 followers on Bloglovin, what a feeling! Going to visited Bee for a few days and having a really fun and relaxing time. Spending time with Little Miss and the fact she can now have a wee on the potty (tmi I know but it’s still a highlight!) Valentines Day with Little Miss watching Cinderella.
Some things I have been loving… The fact Little Miss has become obsessed with princesses and princess castles. We’ve also managed to watch movies other than Toy Story & Tinkerbell. She loved Tangled, Winnie the Pooh and Cinderella. Gossiping and making plans with my best friend. Doing a LOT of baking and cooking. Taking a lot of photos with my Canon 1100D, I hope I’m getting better!
My favourite purchase.. err, I’ve been on a spending ban so I haven’t bought much, but I guess getting my daughter The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh on DVD for 50p was a bit of a bargain and she’s watched it twice since Monday!
Biggest regrets have been… That I kinda sucked with said spending ban this month, I have so little restraint!
Next month I hope… That everything I’m looking forward happens and is awesome!
Next month I’m looking forward to… Pancake day on Tuesday, J & K coming up for the weekend and going out for dinner (FINALLY STEAK) and drinks to celebrate my birthday, MY BIRTHDAY on the 14th, going to visit Bee again for the weekend of my birthday and having an awesome time, the Murder Mystery for my birthday, Hayley coming up again for a few days eeeee and Mothers Day. And perhaps going down to visit Bee AGAIN for her boyfriends birthday if I can afford the train fare. Woosh, it’s shaping up to be a good ‘un! 
After 2013 being so god awful, I get really worried about being too excited about stuff in case something bad happens. But seriously, March is looking to be the best month of the year! I get to see all my favourite people, I get to have steak, celebrate my birthday with my bestie, pancake day (my favourite food related day) and mothers day! Fingers crossed it’s awesome for me? 
Aside from the flu, February has been pretty good, just like January. Could 2014 finally be my year? I bloody well hope so. 
Hope you all had a great February and you have an even better March!
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