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This weekend past I felt in a bit of a blogging slump. I didn’t have writers block, or nothing to write about, I just felt very “meh” with my blog. I wrote a whole bunch of posts and instead of feeling really organised and accomplished, I just felt a bit panicked.. I worried no one really read my blog or if they did, they found it boring and unoriginal. This feeling lasted for a good couple of days and every time I brought the page up, I just felt sad. However, due to this feeling, on Sunday I made sure I was able to take part in the #lbloggers chat on Twitter and I am so glad I did. I came away feeling refreshed and inspired to carry on.

Every Tuesday I have a free two and a half hours while Little Miss is at nursery. In the past, I’ve used this to catch up on sleep, but now I sleep well at night so I have no need to do this, so instead I use it to do blog admit. Not just admin, but I use it to read blogs, especially the blogs that inspire me. Today while I was reading, planning and drinking hot chocolate from my special mug I keep at my mum’s, I decided I’d share the blogs I go to when I’m feeling a bit flat in regards to my blog. The ones that really give me that kick I need to take a photo or make a plan. 
These are not the only blogs I read by any means, nor are they my only favourites. I have a lot more blogs that I feel a rush of love or excitement when I see a new post crop up in my feed, but these four blogs are the ones I purposely go back to, the ones that when asked who inspires me are the ones that come into my head first. I love them all for very different reasons too.

Firstly, The Briar Rose Blog, by the absolutely lovely Megan. I think if I ever got the chance to meet her I would actually be in awe and she’s definitely the blogger I think I’d most likely be fang irling over. Far starters, her blog is just beautifully simple. Her photographs are stunning, as is she. Her hair is to dye (get it?) for and what I love most about her outfit posts? The fact that they are her style, her idea of fashion and I adore it. She really should be a Disney Princess, and I guess that’s why anyone who knows me in person will not even be remotely surprised that this is my number one inspiration blog. Not only that, I follow her on twitter and she is a genuinely lovely person. Her blog is always a joy to read and I always come away feeling inspired. If you haven’t read about her wedding and honeymoon, please go and do it. Just magical.

One of the first bloggers I ever started to interact with when I started my own blog was Ella and now her blog Hello Wonderful is one of my main sources of inspiration when it comes to feeling a bit blah with my own photography. The world she surrounds herself with is just so picture perfect, I’m more than envious of how wonderful her home looks and I know how much work she puts into it. Like me, Ella is all about enjoying the beautiful things in life, so I thoroughly enjoy her blog, it’s like a personal Pinterest, without the pinning. I love her simple updates that she uses just to show off what photo’s she’s taken that day and I really love seeing photos of her beautiful family. Hello Wonderful is essentially lifestyle with some reviews thrown in. But if you need some photography inspiration, this is the place to go. 

Well, what can I say about Becky Bedbug? Other than she is actually probably one of the most awesome people on the internet? She loves Harry Potter, 00s emo music and her internet romance with Leona is one of the best things to read on Twitter. She’s also getting married in Florida this summer! Her blog is the most eclectic mix out there but it’s one of the most beautifully (and also hilariously) photographed and so well written. She covers loads of topics and the epitome of lifestyle. It’s crazy how much I know about Becky from her blog and Twitter, but in my opinion, it simply makes me want to read more. In fact, I’m all for Becky writing an autobiography after reading all her diaries from her teen years. She’s a natural and I know it would be a best seller. When I feel down about life or lost for what to write, I just have a read through Becky Bedbug and I’m soon raring to go again.
Finally, Miss Jojangles. I only recently discovered this little gem through following her on instagram but after reading every one of her posts, it’s an absolute favourite. For starters, her new years resolution was to live like a Disney Princess, which of course is my daily mantra. She is also very crafty in the most wonderful way. I find myself dreaming of her makes and wish my house was full of them! Her hand writing is BEAUTIFUL, I adored her post all about it and it makes my hand writing look like chicken scratches (which is maybe why I stick to typing ha!) Her layout is just gorgeous, as is her photography, it’s just an absolute pleasure to read. My all time favourite makes have been her little knitted Pascal (someone for the love of god make me one!) her floral head crown tutorial & her book box clutch. Oh to be crafty! If I wasn’t all fingers and thumbs, I’d definitely attempt everything on her blog! 
So there we go, my favourite four inspiring blogs. They all bring something different for me when I need inspired for different things. Give them all a read and follow, you won’t regret it! Unless you don’t like Disney, because they kinda have it all in common..
Who are you favourite blogs to turn to when you feel uninspired? 
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