Cocktail Candle in Mojito Review

When asked by I Want One of Those if I wanted to review one of their Cocktail Candles, I was so incredibly excited. My blog is of course called Cocktails in Teacups, so I obviously do like to drink them (how stupid would it be if I didn’t?!) and I was even more excited to learn they had a mojito candle, which is actually my cocktail of choice. 
It arrived in a nice box, which of course instantly made me think how great a gift it would make (also so easy to wrap!) although I had it out in no time and it took pride of place on my fireplace. I like to keep all candles up here so they’re well out the way of little fingers. The smell was fantastic, so fresh and fruity, perfect for Spring and Summer burning! 
Cocktail Candle in Mojito* RRP £11.99, I Want One of Those

This candle boasts an approximate burning time of 30 hours, it burns evenly so you don’t get that annoying hole down the middle (urgh, anyone else hate that?) and the smell really does linger. It smells like a mojito without the rum, which to be honest, I prefer it that way, no one would want their house smelling of spirits on a daily basis! I love the fact that it’s plain white in a clear glass jar with a very simple and tasteful label on the front meaning it will look good in any room, whatever way it’s decorated. I like my candles to match the colours of my room, which is probably a little bit OCD but I like it that way. I think this has to be one of my favourite candles I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, it has me dreaming of summer already.
This Cocktail Candle comes in other scents too, three others in fact Margarita, Cosmopolitan & Bellini. All four are the exact same colour as the Mojito one, with similar labels which I think is really nice if you want the whole set. They’re not badly priced either, some are £10.99 and some are £11.99, which is great seeing as IWOOT offers free postage on orders over £10! 
Incase you’re wondering what I’m banging on about in regards to I Want One of Those, it’s a fantastic website that offers all sorts of unusual and interesting gifts. I’ve ordered a few times from them for gifts for (ex) boyfriends and especially my father who I find a pain to buy for. Not only do they offer quirky gifts but they also offer gift experiences, which are great value for money.
What is your favourite S/S candle scent? 
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