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Wrappz Laptop Skin Review

I am full of cold, AGAIN. I know, right? As soon as Little Miss gets one, I get one. I guess we shouldn’t cuddle so much and I certainly should stop letting her kiss me when her nose is running! The joys of being a mother! Anyway, even though I feel like I have a million other posts to write, tonight I’m reviewing a product that arrived over the weekend and every time I look at it, I smile. Obviously, it’s because it’s Disney related! So the product in question is my Wrappz Laptop Skin, I was kindly sent for review purposes, and boy do I love it!
Laptop Skin* £12.99, Wrappz
The other week my best friend Bee posted her new laptop skin on Instagram and I instantly fell in love (see what I did there?) hers also being Disney was probably the main fueling behind my want for one so I was super psyched when the offer of a product to review from Wrappz popped into my inbox a few days later. I knew instantly that I wanted a laptop skin (which had nothing to do with the fact I love the cases I have on everything else!) and set about browsing google for an image.
Once I decided what I wanted, I headed over to the website which was very easy to browse to find my laptop make so it would fit perfectly. Using the creator wizard was a complete breeze too. I wanted to keep it simple but there were buttons to crop and scale it, add effects, texts and there is even a help video in case you get stuck. Before finishing it, I was able to preview it to check it would fit exactly. Once happy, I added it to my basket it and proceeded to check out.
This was on the Thursday night, when I arrived home on Sunday it was waiting for me, so it had obviously arrived on the Saturday. That really isn’t a bad turn around! 
It arrived in a white envelope with “do not bend” on it so of course, it was flat and ready to use straight away. It’s a lot shinier than I expected but I don’t mind that. It comes with a great help sheet for applying it to your device and the best part is it peels off without leaving any residue so if it takes you a few times to get it perfect it won’t mark your laptop or loose it’s stick. 
Over all I’m really impressed with Wrappz and would definitely consider using them again. They don’t only do laptop skins but skins for all manner of devices along with cases, mugs, pillowcases and all manner of gifts for around the home such as magnets or even mouse mats. Delivery is cheap too and at the moment you can get 20% off all cases using the code “SPRING” another great gift idea for mothers day! 
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